Village Capital’s Accelerator Programme Seeking Agriculture-Focused Startups …

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Village Capital FinTech for Agriculture: East Africa 2015 is especially interested in ventures that solve problems in agriculture, or for which smallholders or agribusinesses represent part or all of their customer base.

Applications can be submitted via this link and will be accepted through February 25, 2015. The selected applicants will be announced at the end of March 2015.

The best submissions will be innovations that improve access to payments, financial security, accounting, cash management, credit, loans, cash advances, or other financial services for smallholder farmers or agribusinesses; first-to-market innovations in the agricultural sector; Ventures that increase...

Getting rid of holiday debt

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Action News spoke with Visions Federal Credit Union Tuesday which has several programs and solutions to help people become debt free.

One option is to talk with financial advisers who help find a way to easily pay it back.

Vice President Tracey Wheeler said Visions always is prepared right after the holiday season because this is when some people need the most help.

I think that, new year resolution everybody thinks what are they? Well, weight lose or debt consolidation, said Wheeler. Those are the two things usually, so I think that this is a popular time of year that people look to and that is why we are offering some debt consolidation loans this time of year, to help...

German court to rule on Argentina bond repayment terms

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There have already been two instances in which German investors successfully took action against the Argentinian government to demand full repayment of bonds. Despite a far-reaching debt consolidation agreement with creditors who agreed to only partial repayment, a Frankfurt court ordered Argentina to pay full face value to the German plaintiffs. A higher court in Frankfurt upheld the ruling, and now one of these cases has landed before Germanys Federal Court of Justice (BGH).

The case is likely to affect all the other Argentinian bonds whose owners refused to take part in any haircut. Taken together, these bonds have a nominal value of $1.5 billion, plus interest accrued since 1996...

5 Ways You’re Gambling With Your Money

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You dont have to play the
lottery or go to Vegas to lose your shirt.
Consumers make risky bets with their money all the time. In fact, you may be a
gambler and not even know it. Here are just a few ways you may be playing a
game of chance with your money.

Deferred-interest payment plans. Youre probably familiar with this
deal: You buy carpet, furniture or another product on a store credit card, and you
owe no interest if you pay the item off within a certain period – often six to
12 months. Medical credit cards often offer these deals, too.

But deferred-interest
plans can be a gamble. Youre betting you can make all of your payments before

Peer to Peer Lender Harmoney Raises $10 Million as Trade Me Leads with 15 …

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Harmoney, New Zealands first peer to peer lending platform, has raised $10 million in new funding to support the companys growth. The decision to raise capital was said to be in response to customer demand that has driven rapid month-on month growth since the launch of the Harmoney platform. Harmoney is the first, and presently only, P2P lender to receive a licence by New Zealands Financial Market Authority.

The funding round was lead by publicly traded Trade Me (NZX: TME)  the largest internet auction  site operating in New Zealand today. Trade Me invested $7.7 million for a 15% ownership stake in Harmoney.  The funding round was described as experiencing strong domestic and international...

Credit card rates hit debtors

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Wellington-based mortgage broker Craig Pope said he had not noticed any seasonal spike in debt consolidation, with many people waiting months before tackling their holiday hangovers.

However, he said the Reserve Banks rules had certainly made it more difficult to top up a mortgage for the likes of debt consolidation or renovations.

Rather than adding to the mortgage, it could be a personal loan or something along those lines that becomes the solution, he said.

Pope said borrowers ability to get top-ups without having 20 per cent equity was case-by-case.

For a strong client on a good income, the bank could be lenient on it, he said.

Federation of Family Budgeting...

Is Spain’s recovery at risk from deflation?

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In the third quarter of 2014, Spanish gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.5 percent quarter-on-quarter, compared to a euro-zone-wide figure of 0.2 percent.

But despite firm growth figures, the countrys inflation data makes for somber reading. In December, the consumer price index (CPI), which tracks the prices of an everyday basket of goods, fell to -1 percent from a year earlier.

It comes after figures last week revealed that the euro zone slipped into deflation in December, boosting expectations that the European Central Bank (ECB) will initiate a full-scale government bond-buying program in the near future.

While falling prices could be good news for consumers...

How to reduce the cost of your Christmas debt

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Suffering from a January financial hangover? The best credit card and loan deals for consolidation, and where to turn for debt advice

Interim CEO of Doctors Medical Center San Pablo to step down due to health …

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She is unable to fly at this point, Zell said. She was so committed and so engaged and did a great job in keeping the hospital open during these challenging times. Shes a national expert on turnarounds and bankruptcies, so this is a really a sad loss for me and the hospital and community.

Gideon has not been seen at DMC for weeks. Zell said that Gideon did not attend the last governing board meeting on Dec. 1; instead, she listened and offered feedback by phone. The recent absence is a stark contrast to Gideons approach over the past few years, when she routinely attended public meetings and delivered remarks and appeared to be in good health.

Zell said that next weeks...

French and Benelux stocks-Factors to watch on Jan 20

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PARIS Jan 19 (Reuters) – Below are company-related news and
stories from French and Benelux media which could have an impact
on the regions markets or individual stocks.


As part of a new strategic plan now being developing, the
French utility will maintain its objective of positive free cash
flow after paying dividends in 2018, according to Les Echos.


French oil company Total was adamant that its dividend is
sacrosanct and would be maintained despite a fall in oil
prices, Morgan Stanley said in a research report.


TF1, which holds the exclusive rights to the 2015 Rugby