Crowdfunding : premiers couacs, premières leçons

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Vue d'Europe, l'affaire est suivie de pr

KWE seeks £200m bond issue

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Mary Ricks, president and chief executive of KWE said: Today's

Monthly High-Dividend Stock Yields 9%, 3 Hikes In 2016, Ex-Dividend This Week

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This supplier agreement also has a working capital sub-limit of $60,000.00, under which Letters of Credit and cash advances can be made, with an annual interest rate of 5.5%, plus LIBOR. As of 6/30/16, Macquarie has extended credit of $44K, and there …

Corporate state blows up government power

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Also, buy precious metals like silver and gold. These are stores of value that will rise in value as the current unstable market corrects.

Why Your Credit Score Is More Important Than Your Social Security Number

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Lenders prefer borrowers with high credit scores because they are deemed to be at lower risk of default. Consequently, you will likely receive much better loan rates if you have a high credit score.

Big name, big backing: Here comes Deters

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Democratic Treasurer candidate Seth Walsh has taken his turn launching a new ad on YouTube – a whiteboard animation video in which he calls out long-time GOP Treasurer Rob Goering for not doing much in his role.

Stop library bonds

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Every citizen of the city of the Spokane Valley should read the Blogroll entitled Spokane Valley on Page A5 of the Sept.

Independent auditor gives Homewood finances good marks

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Beran reviewed some of the notable aspects of the village's finances, drawing trustees' attention to a $9 million deficit in the pension fund report.

UAE- Making your smile more sparkling

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Dr Meenakshi Banker believes people seldom notice anything else if you wear a beautiful smile. With the commitment to spread a sparkling smile on every face, she went to India's most coveted dental and medical college, the College of Dental Surgery

Hernando Business digest for Sept. 16

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Commercial banker with experience in business loans, working capital and SBA guidelines. Social media coordinator with strong working knowledge of social media and website optimization.