Moody’s Affirms Jaguar Holdings’ B2 CFR; outlook stable

by admin on August 28th, 2015

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Approximately $4 billion of rated debt

New York, July 24, 2015 — Moodys Investors Service affirmed the B2 Corporate Family Rating and
B2-PD Probability of Default Rating of Jaguar Holding Company I
(a parent of Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC. and
Jaguar Holding Company II (together, PPD)) in conjunction with
the companys refinancing transaction. The outlook is stable.

Moodys also assigned a B1 rating to the proposed $2.9 billion
senior secured credit facility and a Caa1 rating to the proposed $1.1
billion unsecured notes offering. The proceeds of the credit facility
and notes will be used to refinance all existing...

Tim Cook one of many to invest in shower head startup Nebia

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of many high-profile investors in Nebia, a Kickstarter based water-efficient shower head, according to the New York Times. The shower head atomizes water into millions of small droplets of water which covers a larger surface area, saving 70% water consumption compared to a traditional shower head.

Nebia had an original funding price of $100,000 which has then been surpassed and is now well over $130,000. The project is set to expire on September 11. You will be able to snag one of these at $269 or $299 on Kickstarter, or at $399 once it hits retail stores.

Apple said Cooks funding in the project was a personal funding, however they...

Report: "No Evidence" To Support Conservative Media’s Claim That DOJ Anti …

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OPR also concluded that the evidence did not demonstrate that Operation Choke Point compelled banks to terminate business relationships with other lawful businesses, a concern raised in your letter and the Staff Report. Indeed, OPR found no evidence establishing that any CPB attorney intentionally targeted any of the industries listed in the Staff Report (including credit repair companies, debt consolidation and forgiveness programs, online gambling-related operations, government grant or will-writing kits, pornography, online tobacco or firearms sales, pharmaceutical sales, sweepstakes, magazine subscriptions, etc.). None of the subpoenas or memoranda issued or drafted in connection with...

Will Your Facebook Friends Make You a Credit Risk?

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It might be time to start unfriending some of your buddies on Facebook.

Facebook was just approved for a new patent this week that might be problematic for people seeking loans. Especially people of color.

The social network acquired technologies that may be used by lenders to determine if potential borrowers are at risk of developing poor credit.CNN Money reportsthat lenders would have access to the credit scores of your Facebook friends. Judging by their credit scores, a loan could be rejected. Its guilt by association.

Facebook hasnt confirmed whether they would use the patent for assessing credit-worthiness.

This sort of technology is not necessarily problematic...

Black History Museum offers tours during festival

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The Alliance Historical Black History Museums walls are covered with history and its doors are open to the public this week as part of the Greater Alliance Carnation Festival.

Dyanna Myers, director and founder of the museum, is offering tours of the museum, which she has put together over the last four years.

The house was donated to Myers for the purpose of a museum celebrating black history and all other expenses are paid for by a few donations and Myers personal funding.

The collection consists of artifacts collected by Evelyn Brown, who influenced Myers to start the museum, as well as Myers personal collection and donations from the community.


How millennials can improve low credit scores

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Have you heard? Millennials have the worst credit scores of any generation. The data point plays well with one of Americans favorite pastimes: discussing the dismal state of the nations youngest consumers.

The average 19- to 34-year-old has a credit score of 625, but its 650 for Gen X (35-49), 709 for baby boomers and the Greatest Generation (together, those generations include everyone older than 50). The national average is 667. The data comes from credit bureau Experian and uses the VantageScore 3.0 credit score range, which goes from 300 to 850.

Yes, millennials have the lowest average credit score of American adults, but that statistic is neither surprising nor helpful....

Now Online Transaction History To Provide Credit Scores At A Click

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BENGALURU: Indian E-commerce giants like Paytm, Snapdeal are working on a new pilot project which seeks to offer EMI loans to customers who hold a decent online transaction record. According to sources of ET, Indian marketplaces and payment companies are working on the project that can track the online transaction history of an individual. Through which credit scores of the particular customers shall be determined and based on the credit scores E-commerce firms to provide loans to customers, as reported by the ET.

This project is intended to target age group of 22-28 year age group who are mostly reluctant in using their credit cards and depend on their saving for online...

Should You Cancel a Credit Card to Protect Your Identity?

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A. Identity theft probably shouldn’t be as big a concern as what the cancellations could do to your credit score.

For starters, those credit cards may contribute to your credit scores, and canceling them may mean your scores drop, said Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for

That’s because a significant factor in your credit scores is your debt usage ratio.

“This ratio compares your available credit limits to your balances, both on individual accounts as well as in the aggregate,” Detweiler said. “Consumers with the highest credit scores tend to use less than 10% of their available credit, though it is still possible...

Will this woman farmer’s family get compensation?

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It was constant harassment by moneylenders that pushed Jayalakshmi of Thamlapura in Hassan taluk to end her life. She is among the very few women farmers to have committed suicide in the State in the recent days.

Significantly, whether or not the family will get compensation remains uncertain because the land is not owned by the woman and the loan was not taken in her name.

Following her death, officers of the Revenue and Agriculture departments visited her family and collected details of loan. However, the family members are not sure of getting compensation from the government. The guidelines meant for providing compensation state that those who commit suicide should possess...

Now shop using your credit scores

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eCommerce players like Paytm, Alibaba are trying their level best to make online shopping much easier for Indians. E-tailers are collaborating with payment companies to work out a model that will parse your online transaction history to provide credit scores and thus, enable you get loans to buy that costly iPhone 6 or the likes. And no, you wont need to have a credit card to convert your purchases into EMIs.

The above-mentioned model is in line with what is already being followed in the US, Europe and China, says an Economic Times report. The financial daily further elucidates, this model would target people between age group of 22 and 28 years and new entrants into the banking system...