Apple Pay to Accept Discover Credit Cards this Fall

by admin on May 14th, 2015

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Apple Pay is expanding its options once again, with plans to accept Discover cards this fall. Apple Pay will now be working with the countrys top four credit card networks, since Visa, MasterCard and American Express are already being used through the mobile payment platform.

The move means Discover cardholders will be able to use Apple Pay to make contactless payments in any store with NFC payment terminals.

As the mobile payments landscape matures, Discover remains committed to giving cardmembers secure options for using their cards and mobile devices, Diane Offereins, President of Payment Services at Discover, said in a statement. Discovers focus on simplicity and value for our cardmembers...

3 Habits of People With High Credit Scores

by admin on May 13th, 2015

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Without even knowing it you might be doing things that are damaging your credit score, which affects not only your ability to borrow but also the interest rate you pay when you do borrow. So how do you identify and put an end to your bad credit habits? Simple: Start doing the same things as people who have excellent credit scores.

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Here are three credit-boosting behaviors that will help bump up your score:

Payment history is the top factor in most credit-scoring models. Payments that are 30 days or more late can quickly drag down your credit score – and it only takes one missed payment. Take this into consideration:...

Best Debt Consolidation Firm Awards Announced by 10 Best Debt

by admin on May 13th, 2015

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10 Best Debt is an awards organization that recognizes the best in the debt consolidation industry. Recently, the organization announced the three Best Debt Consolidation Firm contenders: Discover, HSBC and National Debt Relief.

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

10 Best Debt is an awards organization that assigns rankings to the best companies that work in various areas of dealing with debt. They have just published their latest list of 10 top companies in the area of debt consolidation. The following is a description of the top three companies on that list.

The first company on the list of Best Debt Consolidation Agencies is National Debt Relief, located in the city...

International Scam: Phone Call From ‘Long-Lost Relative’ Ends in Lost Cash and …

by admin on May 12th, 2015

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Its a dream come true: a phone call from a long-lost relative who is finally able to leave Cuba and is en route to America. But the call ends in thievery and disappointment for some families.

Thats because after hearing the good news, the caller explains theres just one catch. They need money to complete the trip. 89-year-old, Hialeah grandmother Hilda Jimenez got that call last month.

Getting Divorced? Do Not Ignore Your Credit Score (and How to Rebuild it if …

by admin on May 11th, 2015

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Credit scores are one of the most criticalfinances pieces of recovering financially from a divorce. Credit scores are also one of the most overlooked pieces of post-divorce, as I’ve found by communicating with thousands of followers of my blog, I reached out to Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for,and author of the free ebookDebt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rightsfor tips on navigating this important reality of life.

How big of a problem are credit scores for people facing divorce?

Your credit scores can take a big hit when you divorce, usually for one of three reasons: One, your income...

Beth’s Story: Should I Consider Bankruptcy?

by admin on May 10th, 2015

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For more than a decade I have used a fairly specific approach to help people find their way when struggling to keep up with their bills. I generally focus on six mainstream options to deal with debt, including filing for bankruptcy, debt consolidation loans and negotiations with creditors and debt collectors. Once I gather some basic facts about an individual’s income, expenses and debts, and rule out conventional wisdom approaches, I can usually narrow down the workable solutions to one or two realistic options.

Fox News Gives Clinton Cash $107 Million Of Free Publicity

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Over just five days last week, Fox News devoted more than10hours of total coverage to promoting Peter Schweizers new anti-Clinton book,Clinton Cash.The coverage is worthmore than $107 millionin publicity value, according to aMedia Mattersstudyof the networks coverage between April 20 and April 24.

Schweizer, a conservative activist with a long history of shoddy reporting and research, is set to release Clinton Cash on May 5. The book is being published by HarperCollins, which is owned by Rupert Murdochs News Corp. Fox News is part of 21st Century Fox, which is also owned by Murdoch. Politicoreported last week that Fox News, along with theNew York TimesandThe Washington Post,had struck...

Cash, Planes, and More: A Look at JetBlue Airways

by admin on May 9th, 2015

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Digging into a companys assets is always important before making an investment decision and JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU) is no exception. Here, Ill look at some of the key assets of JetBlue including cash and aircraft as well as the less talked about routes and slots.

As of Dec. 31, JetBlue had $708 million in cash and short-term investments. That may seem like a lot for a $5 billion company, but retaining a significant amount of cash on hand is a common practice in the aviation industry. At the moment, the major carriers all have multiple billions in cash that theyre retaining to fund working operations, provide a safety net in the event of an industry downturn, and improve...

10 Dow Stocks With Huge Cash Flow

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Source: NYSE, Facebook

When it comes to household names and safe-haven investments, perhaps no group of stocks is counted on more than the 30 that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI) . Made up of 30 multinational giants from multiple industries, the Dow Jones is full of companies paying healthy dividends. But its whats behind these dividends that makes them so attractive: enormous cash flow. 

Cash flow is what allows the Dows 30 components to allocate capital to its shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks, as well as fuel other critical facets of business activity, such as research and development, which allow these global giants to stay...

How Long Will It Take the Average American to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

by admin on May 7th, 2015

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If youre dealing with high credit card debt, youre not alone. Like, really not alone — in fact, according to the Federal Reserve, consumer credit debt in the US has topped $3.34 trillion dollars as of February 2015, which means there is slightly over $10,470 dollars of debt for every person in the country.

With numbers like that, its no wonder that many people are struggling with their credit card debt, especially when you consider that the average card holder has about $15,000 in credit card debt, with an average annual percentage rate of 17 percent.

With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to focus on strategies to get that debt paid off quickly.

Paying the Minimum...