World War II Civil Air Patrol Congressional Gold Medal

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At a ceremony held on December 10, 2014 in Emancipation Hall at the US Capitol Visitor Center, a Congressional Gold Medal was collectively awarded to the World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The medal recognizes the organization for their humanitarian, combat, and national services during a critical time for our nation.

The unpaid volunteer civilian members of the Civil Air Patrol had used their own aircraft and personal funding to perform a myriad of essential tasks for the military and the Nation during World War II. From March 1942 to August 1943, the heroic aircrew is credited with escorting more than 5,600 convoys, reporting 173 U-boats and attacking 57, flying 86,685...

Smart Money: Secured credit card only involves poor credit

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Dear Bruce: Does a person have to have bad credit to get a secured credit card? #x2014; Avid Reader

Dear Avid Reader: It is absolutely not a requisite that you have bad credit to get a secured credit card. But if you dont have bad credit, then I dont see any reason to get a secured card. Its generally going to cost you more than the card issued to a person with good credit, and I see no advantage to you.

As long as an individual has good credit, the best deals will be available to him/her. For people with poor credit or no credit, the secured card is a good way to get back on track for a traditional...

2014 a watershed year for alternative funding

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The terms ‘challenger bank’ and ‘alternative funding’ were virtually unheard of before 2007. However, in recent years they have started to receive considerable attention, and their importance amp; influence on today’s financial landscape is undeniable.

So, what has happened to raise the profile of this ‘new’ market? Well, quite a lot really.

In 2008 Lehman Bros fell over and the world changed. Who had ever heard of Quantative Easing? Who thought HBOS and RBS would have to be rescued? It goes on.

And yet the sky did not fall in. Small British businesses kept on trading, kept on cutting hair, servicing cars, selling beer and wine,...

Leo Ledohowski of Canad Inns fires back against sexual harassment claim

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The couple is seeking unspecified damages, including punitive and aggravated damages.

They also allege that Ledohowski and Canad engaged in a course of reprisal after the woman rejected his advances and fired them.

Ledohowskis lawsuit describes how Canad hired Ventresca in March of 2010 with an annual salary of $150,000 and living accommodations until Aug. 31 that year at one of Canads facilities. Ventresca was also given an expense account of $6,000 a year for business purposes.

The agreement also said Ventresca could be fired at any time. If the company let him go without just cause, it would provide notice in writing or payment in lieu, according to the provinces employment...

Usher And Hon. Boots Square Off On Sidewalk

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Gilroy Usher Senior has been making a name for himself in the media recently. We wouldnt say hes a nationally known figure but with the egg
throwing stunt he pulled in early October, he certainly earned some recognition after all nobody had thrown egg at the Guatemalan Embassy before.

And today, he turned his focus from national issues to the division where he is running. Thats Port Loyola where he is challenging incumbent Anthony
Boots Martinez for a second time.

Todays protest was designed to challenge Martinez as the Minister of Poverty Alleviation but it ended up in a sidewalk face that will make you need

City Business Solutions: 5 Valuable Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

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After dropping everything to start a company, an entrepreneur must define his or her limits. Create a detailed business plan and dont stop there. City Business Solutions says that entrepreneurs should create a detailed plan for themselves. They should outline how much personal funding they will put into the company, set a budget for personal expenses and give themselves a deadline.

5 Ways Your HR Department Can Ruin Your Finances

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By Morgan Quinn, Feature Writer

Your human resources department carries huge responsibilities with major legal and financial implications. While most HR departments have proper practices and procedures in place to reduce their liability, that doesn’t stop them from making mistakes. The consequences of these mistakes can be far-reaching and can impact employees’ finances greatly.

Here are five ways your HR department can mess with your wallet.

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1. Enrolling You in the Wrong Retirement or Health Care Plan

Human Resources can enroll you in the wrong type of retirement plan, like a traditional...

Afghanistan: The Making of a Narco State

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At a little teahouse on a quiet street, Im ushered into a small back room whose walls and carpets vie in griminess, and I am introduced to a stocky middle-aged man with a skullcap and beard. Ill call him Sami. He tells me that hes from the district of Garmsir, near the Pakistani border. When war with the Soviets broke out, he fled the country, along with millions of other Afghan refugees. He grew up in a camp near the border town of Chagai, in Pakistan. After finishing 11th grade, he got work as a driver and began to ply the route from Garmsir to -Chagai, smuggling opium through the desert wastes. There are more than a hundred ways through the desert, he tells me. The police checkpoints...

Industry Expertise Trumps State-of-the Art Technology When Payments …

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As technology continues to drive change in the payments industry, small businesses need assistance navigating the landscape, DeMeo said. CAN Capital can help them thrive during changing times offering fast, efficient access to funding that allows small businesses to drive growth by investing in things like upgraded POS and mobile payments systems, improved e-commerce experiences, and expanded online marketing efforts that increase traffic to their sites.   

Visit for upcoming news and resources for payments professionals looking to add value to customer relationships and for more information about CAN Connect.

Note to Editors
CAN Capital conducted...

​Becky Morris: Why education is more than a piece of paper

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Arts Award Gold, Higher Sports Leadership and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) are vocational choices that carry university points, and so can boost qualifications by adding to the tally. They require huge amounts of application and work, and personal funding, and are not easy to obtain.

Students have been fairly vocal on social media sites, decrying the value of these options, stating that in many cases the time and energy spent on these projects would have been better used by volunteering or actually working in the students chosen field; and there is an opinion that schools and colleges are merely offering them to boost the numbers who go on to university.

I believe very...