Teen Locates Wad Of Cash, Calls Police

by Shelton on June 30th, 2013

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FESTUS, Mo. Some sort of 13-year-old boy got the chance to increase several weath, rather chose to do the correct point.

Today he says hes happy he or she couldnt think twice.

The teen states he or she found a lot more than $750 sleeping on the ground outdoors some sort of gas place. At first he stated, this individual thought about holding this. Rather, this individual called the police and turned in the lacking money.

Charles DeClue, the particular worthy owner of the money, states that the occurrence features reconditioned the belief within humankind.

Its incredible. The world could use a lot more people like you, weed. The reason why I had all the cash is actually I used to be examining Craigslist to discover a set of wheels as well as tires for my car, DeClue said.

DeClue provided the teen a 200 dollar reward, that the boy promptly contributed in order to Cystic Fibrosis research.

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Three Suspected Foods Deceive Instant Cash Store

by Shelton on June 29th, 2013

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PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Meine wenigkeit. (WOOD) — Kent County sheriffs deputies are usually investigating some sort of thievery at a payday loan shop Monday evening.

Industry close to 4 pm hours Monday at the Immediate cash Move forward shop, 3945 Plainfield Simply had to. NE, alongside a Train cafe.

Deputies at the scenario said 2 potential foods in darkish clothing escaped southwest from the store after the thievery. The particular suspects may have hidden some sort of vacation automobile in a residential district.

Deputies are looking for 2 dark men, between five ft eight inches and also 5 ft ten inches high, and also using glowing blue skinny jeans, dark layers and also dark-colored hats at the time of the particular crime.

When you saw something dubious in the region and have any information subsequently phone the particular Kent Region Sheriffs Division at kunne 616. 632. 6100 or Quiet Observer at kunne 6116. 774. 2345.

The Far East Funds Crisis Trumps He In Stock Marketplace Accident

by Shelton on June 29th, 2013

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What started out like a struggle for the gates whenever Fed Leader Fødder Bernanke cautioned about continued Provided easing next year, converted into some sort of two-day abandonment associated with products, along with bonds and stocks, as the buying and selling trades developed directly into garage sales.

The particular one-two strike which connected traders of all kinds was a worry, not only of a halt within Fed reducing, yet an end at China’s participation in Treasury bond auctions as a result of an urgent Asian funds spigot shutoff, requested by the Beijing central authorities. Because of this there is absolutely no main fallback place all over the world. This really is igniting selloffs on hand and also connection markets everywhere, with no indicator of any speedy snapback. That is an uncommon case while each and every field will be marketing, and noone will be getting. Right now there today seems to be en absoluto dock within this storm, while commodities like gold, sterling silver, copper mineral, stocks and shares, bonds, as well as trade bought and sold funds are still dropping with your going ship.

If there is any peace to get obtained through the current System.Drawing.Bitmap, it truly is the hundreds of enormous amounts which are taken from worldwide markets, with the things traded, will ultimately have to find a house a place.

Unlike The japanese, if the publish stock marketing and advertising accident in the earlier 1990s converted into the 12% per household personal savings level, the united states trend will likely cause a long term recurring, since American’s usually are not prone to keeping cash below their beds. Essentially, the froth that got capped the marketplace uses inside a 3 month period of time continues to be recinded within a not likely about three time selloff.

The good thing is that come early july solstice surprise does not compare to Oct 20, 1987, in which a nine-month period of time with a forty percent acquire has been erased apart in a 24% wipeout over a lengthy hopeless end of the week.

Because the US ALL economic climate, income and company earnings have really enhanced slightly throughout the first half the 12 months, a positive return to a recurring could be at hand relatively soon; since this meltdown is not reflecting with any significant financial damage.

The very best irony of is the fact that Leader Bernanke’s prediction of a pointed finishing may possibly have to become postponed. The reason being the giant crutch the Fed most wrought will have to be kept in place to prevent some sort of long-term market fall. This may smash any desire of the long-term letting go underfoot, with more terrible outcomes.

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Newell’s Celebra Hans Rendirse (algo Que Podrá ‘sellar’ Este Miércoles)

by Shelton on June 28th, 2013

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Could now be the time to be in the actual linked with uninvited fees? As well as most likely folks experienced attention purchasing but money lack regularly improves trend? Everyone knowledgeable a difficult area no less than once-in-a-lifetime iowa cash loan as well as pay day loans. Funds superior payday advances. Your emergency could be unique however there is nonetheless basically one 100 percent called for option, which is perfect for each and every financial crisis, zero credit evaluation necessary paydayloans on the web!
Theres a person don’t have to delay until the next wage any more. Pay day text message flag btinternet mortgage service. Furthermore, many troubles need to have quick therapies, for example, specialist folks. Sorenson loan products right up until payday hq. Speedy arrangement may likely be critical when this occurs.
In case you never enjoy an individuals presence together with vocation right until stage paydayloans loan companies want to offer zero cost 24/7 on the internet assist. Progress funds right now quick. Message us to find out to get in a single time payday loan.
Ones below-average credit record wouldnt bother everybody any additional! Publish zero expense software concerning rapid payday loan absolutely no credit score evaluation to disregard all the anxieties. No checking account payday loan til. You can without a doubt get a permission even though you would probably certain unfavorable functional information earlier.
What / points collectors need? They must be sure they need to get compensated rear end southerly dakota pay day cash advance. Express pay day loan scotland. For that reason clients with a below-average credit rating which actually experienced individual bankruptcy hearing, house house foreclosures or perhaps financial obligations right before really dont disclose this information to obtain 100% called for very little credit assessment pay day improvements on the web to obtain their funds normal again.
This isnt actually very hard to have the 24 hour payday cash loan products with regard to people along with small credit rating. Maine obtain a. Certainly not anybody will certainly search for using this. Undesirable credit ratings payday advances improvements are actually well-known however , not just regarding almost all powerful payday loan organizations decide to supply these people with the possible hazards connected. Oh advance loan very little faxing. Had been continuous available for sale to provide assist concerning completely diverse categories of clients. All of us efficiently utilize several clients, that are thought to be hard to rely on merely by different creditors.
There could be best time with regard to everything. United states native indian payday loan service providers. Money received presently might be two times all the worthier as compared to income got your own worktime afterwards. Even though a persons credit rating is fairly excellent, you could find we that much more attractive because of a good number of advantages equipped simply by us. Ormond seashore cash advance. Total the job at this point to truly associated with the majority of.
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Dodgers Cannot Profit From Appearing To Be Burglary 5-2 Reduction To Padres

by Shelton on June 27th, 2013

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Today even though the particular Dodgers receive an appearing split, these people cant money it within. They are often dealt 20 and the seller might start black jack.

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NYU Is Also Offering College Vacation Properties Together With Your College Tuition Funds

by Shelton on June 26th, 2013

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NYU Community offers noted upon NYUs inclination to give bigshot professors and also administrators loans on multimillion-dollar residences, pay that far outstrips most of the faculty. Everybody knows about the $25 million tax-exempt reatlor tucked away inside the results. The additionally public relief of knowing that former NYU EVP and current Admin of Treasury Jack port Lew received a $1. five mil mortgage on top of a fairly hefty severance bundle, and that the university provides $72 million inside excellent real estate property loans to some other teachers associates.

But beach homes? Seaside houses certainly are an a different one.

The newest You are able to Periods reported yesterday which NYU distributed loans to 5 upper facilitators for second houses inside Connecticut and the Hamptons. This consists of a number of financial loans amassing $2. six million regarding John Sextons kick-ass Flame Area escape, a five bucks. 8 thousand loan to be able to past law leader Rich Revesz including a 65-acre Connecticut house, along with a 200 bucks, 200 financial loan to EVP Charlie Dorph over a house he previously possessed. As well as equally sections associated with Sextons and Dorphs loan are now being possibly partly or perhaps completely understood.

The particular college protects the particular training as an essential key to teachers preservation, arguing which NYUs rise to an elite-level university required providing all-star teachers along with equitable perks–especially between high-paid physicians and also legal professionals. According to NYU Vice President regarding Open public Affairs Steve Beckman:

“The reason for our home loan programs runs directly to the heart of several decades of sustained as well as effective effort sådan at NYU: to transform NYU from a local university or college into a world class study home university. [Loans help faculty who] can simply go after an economically rewarding professional job instead of getting a path associated with university or college scholarship or grant and training. inch

As well as its challenging to dispute with all the result–NYU is actually these days the home of the most elite law colleges on the planet (ranked 6th in the united states by ALL OF US Reports and also World Report), a premier ranked medical school and hospital, as well as famous business and arts schools. But also in an effort to draw outstanding faculty–one regarding whom, Ariel Kaminer, published the bombshell Occasions story–the college continues to engage in procedures that, whilst legal, keep NYU inside the news flash inside a bad method. Inexpensive mortgages in main college houses are usually common in advanced schooling and nothing brand new, however NYUs globally expansion as well as position in the countrys most costly market assures expensive settlements. Right now, the summer homes certainly are a fractional yet awkward aspect.

NYUs real-estate enterprise is big. Legislation school by yourself offers 4 independent tax-exempt not-for-profits coping with faculty houses: NYU School regarding Regulation Base (which offered the original financial loan to Chief executive Sextons residence), NYU College regarding Legislation Teachers Preservation Assistance Corporation, NYU College of Legislation Houses Support Organization, as well as the NYU Institution associated with Law Recruiting Help Company. Three organizations involved solely within housing have publicly-released assets of above five bucks thousand.

This pales in comparison to the Nyc College Real Estate Corporation, which currently possesses close to $25 million within assets–befitting for just one from the greatest landholders inside the town. The actual taxes types state that the money will be used towards research along with other educational routines when it comes to technology and the training of drugs, that could somewhat clarify exactly why we cannot locate a casing company for your generously-compensated administrators from the school of medicine. (More information on these right here. )

The brand new bank loan breakthroughs come amongst repeated telephone calls by Senator Get rid of Grassley (R-Iowa) for further entry to NYUs financial records according to Lews candidate selection a few months ago. While adepte, such efforts to figure out regardless of whether financial loans abuse NYUs non-profit status get won fans across the section.

Inside a previous Times article, Chief executive Sexton taken care of the real estate loan products as effective. “Faculty real estate loan products on which attention is paid out and gratitude will be enjoyed by the university or college really create additional earnings. Could possibly be possibly the best-performing parts of our own portfolio, so as to decrease the amount of tuition that we require. inch

However , NYU dropped our own ask for opinion, and also in the mean time the Times post furthermore suggested which a good forgiveness program utilized being a retention incentive for at least three leading funding to faculty (in Dorphs circumstance, this was instead of an income increase). So we cannot say either way, tend to be available frustrating questions–since a real estate bank loan may not be the productive investment when a big area of which purchase is being forgiven.

The secondary residences do not put a ding within the total financial loan amount–the college dropped remark on the exact variety of second houses included inside the program, however Beckman informed the actual Times they symbolize a small fraction. In fact nevertheless, it is a PR headache for a college which is becoming increasingly the turbo pole regarding everything completely wrong with higher education in America. It might pain just about all included to the lower interest rate as well as personal debt forgiveness on Leader Sextons seaside mortgage loan15341 to that particular of our figuratively speaking.

Maybe in place of a supper sådan at Leader Sextons WSP penthouse, we can head to Fireplace Area to get a beach weekend. This particular is not even sarcasm–if T Sexual intercourse emails us all Take place dangle within my beach property, our company is absolutely there, as well as assurance to prevent write the phrases simply no assurance ever again.

[Image via the New York Times]

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The Way To Guarding Humanities As Well As Social Savoir

by Shelton on June 26th, 2013

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A brand new statement recommends that this country consider 12 crucial procedure for ensure that humanities as well as interpersonal savoir preserve a significant put in place U . s . sessions.

The very center of the Issue, issued nowadays by the American Academy associated with Artistry Sciences, expanded from your congressional request guidance on how you can guard the main function of those professions during an era that has ramped up the give attention to the state-tested topics associated with English/language arts and also math concepts, and the hard sciences.

This year, the Cambridge, Size. -based academy announced the design of a commission to make recommendations inside response to that issue. In the final record, that describes twelve actions their members think about important to conserving the key role for that study regarding social sciences and humanities.

That organizations 3 beneath the banner ad of teaching Americans inside the information, abilities, and knowing they are going to have to thrive inside a 21st-century democracy:

half truths; Assisting complete literacy being a basis for those studying, not only at school, however over the lifetime.
bull; Purchasing the particular planning regarding people in a democracy, making sure the project a comprehensive grounding ever, civics, and interpersonal scientific studies.
half truths; Increasing use of online learning resources, so all studentsespecially those coming from disadvantaged backgroundscan use top quality materials.

Five steps are geared towards promoting a community which is innovative, competing, and also strong:

half truths; Substantially increasing the federal government governments expense within investigation into interpersonal sciences and the humanities.
bull; Producing cohesive curricula to make sure basic expertise within humanities and also interpersonal savoir. Including concentrating on important characteristics regarding mind, such as essential research, problem-solving, and connection.
half truths; Creating a humanities grasp trainer corps, similar to the actual STEM Master Teacher Organisme lately proposed from the Whitened House. Loan-forgiveness programs designed to encourage advanced-degree cases directly into K-12 sessions, as well as partnerships between higher education as well as K-12 colleges might take more expertise into precollegiate classes too.
bull; Motivating universities, fundamentals, research facilities, as well as government agencies bringing associates of professions with each other to solve the particular sides grand challenges.
bull; Interacting the extensive implications regarding investigation to the public.

Several actions were created to supply the nation with regard to management in a connected with each other world:

bull; Advertising learning. Schools can take benefit of blended studying methods to streamline costs.
bull; Expanding training within worldwide affairs and also transnational studies. That recommends use of any fresh nationwide competitiveness act, which would fund training during these places.
bull; Helping examine in foreign countries and global trade applications for undergraduates.
half truths; Developing a culture corps that matches adults together with universities, community centres, along with other organizations for you humanistic as well as social-scientific experience from a single technology to another.

Inside a planet characterized by alter, the research states, humanities as well as social savoir perform a critical role in assisting people comprehend exactly where they originated from and also in which they may be headed.

A completely balanced curriculumincluding the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciencesprovides opportunities with regard to integrative considering and creativeness, for creativity and also discovery, and then for great citizenship.

The humanities and cultural sciences are certainly not simply elective, neither do they tend to be professional or even elitist. They go beyond instant as well as critical to help us all understand the earlier and also the long term. They may be necessary and so they demand our own support in difficult moment as well as in points in the prosperity. They may be critical to the pursuit of life, freedom, and happiness, since explained through the nations creators. They are The Coronary heart from the Issue.

The Truly Amazing Level Rip-off

by Shelton on June 25th, 2013

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  • I do believe it is a case regarding discussing a deal with all the loan provider. My personal SME mortgage is lower compared to my house mortgage by. twenty five things. A lot of it comes down to how well your you obtain in along with your financial institution managers also. For example My own present bank manager offers provided me a better level compared to earlier one, same financial institution, exact same bank loan, same problems. We all need to keep in mind Banking institutions are companies and the employees have kpi, h and costs to satisfy a simple enterprise. It truly is apparent through my own dealings using this bank that their particular relationship Managers hold the autonomy in order to sharpen quotes significantly

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  • Why?

    Their apparent to any foreign who have noticed the actual devastation within the housing business within the last 10-15 yrs. There exists just more money to get created from casing rumours compared to genuine organization or even entrepreneurship. Cannot last forever even though.

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    July apr, 2015, nine: 02AM

  • You will find a good number of loan providers that in case the security is household will give you residential price loan regardless of the reason for the money, they may not be the top 4 Aussie banks of course or even little credit rating assemblage. An extra00 there is not any yearly reviews of your respective financial records! One is currently providing four. 99% san jose 24 hr plumber variable prices under their particular package deal with regard to big loan products. Speak with a home loan agent.

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  • However, what is strange the following is that by getting business greater rates of interest banking companies are generally making sure that the little company will more likely normal on a transaction.

    A do it yourself fulfilling prophecy, as well as the higher repayments control the expansion that a small company can make with all the mortgage.

    Expenses Gated
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    June ’04, 2015, 13: 07PM

  • Some individuals that are in a SME mortgage, need to be a little more pro-active inside the loan settlement which would normally preamble the actual punctuational out of the financial loan problems upon settlement from the settlement stage I would personally have thought. Definitely which was my expertise quite a few in years past when I had been involved with lending having a huge abroad loan company reinforced financier. To my thoughts, many people I dealt with and then, simply very tamely approved lenders problems place clear without even some sort of reviews!

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    June 05, 2013, 12: 35PM

  • Past time I actually looked the success as well as tactical level regarding small company was not that flash (and that never ever generally seems to change significantly regardless of the root financial circumstances are), therefore it seems blindingly evident there is a higher risk involved for a loan provider and they are gonna demand more to cover which elevated threat.

    If a few lenders basically want to bet around the Foreign Casing As well as the ongoing without considerable drop within rates as well as provide at normal prices to businesses and then therefore whether it be, yet recent abroad encounter ought to present everybody that when the music will quit these kinds of funding in a depressed marketplace could be a real issue for those included.

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  • The money continues to be starting our own too expensive higher housing market. The particular banking institutions have got liked report profits although many households are actually shackled along with unsustainable debt levels. Much of the funds have been obtained by the financial institutions from overseas to energy our own real-estate bubble.

    My own prediction is the fact exclusive personal debt will be rapidly converted into public personal debt when banking institutions in this article enter into monetary problems. Upcoming Aussie governments will be marketing our own nationwide property for the financial loan whales as well as the brokers will certainly elope with their bonus deals not having being charged together with scam or perhaps investing any time in gaol.

    Charles Ponzi
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Gotta Give Her Credit: Women Score Better on Debt

by Shelton on June 23rd, 2013

filed under Credit Scores

When it comes to managing credit, American women have a slight edge over men, according to a study of credit reports by the credit report agency Experian.

Experian looked at 750,000 credit reports, a sample of what it collected nationwide, and found that while women earn 23 percent less than men, they know how to handle debt.

When you start from there, you recognize that women have less money to spend, says Michele Raneri, Experians vice president of analytics. And their delinquencies are less.

When it comes to credit scores, women are in front by a tiny margin. Women averaged a credit score of 675 compared to the male average of 674, according to Experians data. Reuters got a sneak peak of the study, which will be released on Wednesday.

In terms of having a stereotype, they may spend and shop, but women also pay their bills well, Raneri says. They are doing more with less.

Experian found that men have 4.3 percent more debt than women. Men have a 2 percent higher credit utilization rate along with mortgage loans that are 4.9 percent higher. More men also hold mortgages that are least 60 days past due.

The average man in the studys sample carried $26,227 in debt compared to $25,095 for women. That figure includes consumer debt such as credit cards and auto loans, for example, but excludes mortgage debt.

The average mortgage held by a man is $187,245 compared to $178,140 for a woman. About 72 percent of all mortgages are held jointly, Experian found, so the analysis looked at the other 28 percent (just over half of them are held by men).

No place else in the country is close to the District of Columbia when it comes to women-held mortgages. In Washington, DC, 47 percent of all mortgages are held individually, with 27 percent held by women – one-third more than the number of male-only mortgages. The next closest is Georgia, where 17 percent of all mortgages are held by women.

Women are least likely to be the sole mortgage holders in Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. In each of those states, women only represent 8 percent of the outstanding mortgage loans.

The biggest gap in mortgage debt is in Connecticut, Experian found. The average mortgage held by a male there is $229,510 compared to the average $175,276 held by a female.

Coincidentally, men in Connecticut are also more likely to make late payments on mortgages and have more non-mortgage debt.

Experian also looked at the Miami area, where both women and men are late on their mortgage payments about 13 percent of the time. But for those same women, the average debt is about 7 percent lower than the men, which Experian says is another example that women are handling their debts better.

The findings should serve to bolster the argument that women are perfectly capable of managing their finances, says money management expert Liz Weston, columnist and author of Deal with Your Debt.

I like any study that counters the notion that women are airheads about money, Weston says. I dont think women are any more likely to be spendthrifts, for example, or any less likely to be savers.

Solving Poverty: Fighting Blight and Poverty with Credit Scores

by Shelton on June 23rd, 2013

filed under Credit Scores

In the 50 years since the civil rights movement and Dr. Kings dream, one problem (racism) has been replaced or at least matched by another — poverty. Urban poverty, rural poverty, and poverty that hits blacks, whites, browns and others alike. As I have said previously in the Huffington Post, poverty is the new racism. If you are poor, everything pretty much sucks.

The old model of racism was based on race and the color line. The new model of racism is rooted in class and poverty. The old racism was obvious in signs that read White Only, from the southern states in the US to South Africa. The new racism is more obvious in Misery Row.

Whether it is a feature on a boulevard in an urban city or a rural town, or whether it is at the entrance of a military base, the Misery Row looks pretty much the same. Predatory check cashers, next to rent to own stores, payday lending stores, title lending stores, and liquor stores.

One group of financial predators takes advantage of your financial problems and misfortune, while another associated group benefits by helping you to forget you actually have any.

But there is something we can do to change the landscape of urban blight in our urban and rural underserved communities. That something is (increasing) credit scores.

Consumer protection is vitally important to a nation, and I wholly support my friend Richard Cordray and the work being done by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That said, when we are making the most critical decisions of our lives, such as when we choose to take out a 30-year mortgage for our family, there will be no mortgage police at the kitchen table with us.

Or when we show up with great enthusiasm to the used car auto dealership, only to be greater with an enthusiastic approval of a loan carrying an 18% effective interest rate. There is no auto loan police standing by when we make this decision either.

And so, while consumer protection is critically important, I have found that effective consumer protection must be matched with a full partner called consumer empowerment for all. Something beyond mere financial literacy, and with an end-game that sounds and feels more like financial dignity. At Operation HOPE we call this the silver rights movement, or making free enterprise and capitalism work for all of Gods children.

In underserved neighborhoods and communities Misery Row must be met with equal parts consumer protection and consumer empowerment or change will never come. In fact, if we do one (protection) without the other (empowerment), it is not inconceivable that in time these communities are met with a choice actually worse than highly visible yet predatory commercial lenders — and that is no lenders at all.

With consumer empowerment everyone wins. With our HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities initiative we have found that we can and consistently do help our clients to raise their credit scores by more than 100 points. And when a counseling client moves their credit score from 550 (on average) to 670 or more, everything in that persons life changes. Their financial IQ changes. Their financial literacy changes. Their sense of well-being, and hope, goes through the roof. Their engagement in their own lives rises to a new level, matching their new financial skill set.

And this is why I keep saying that financial literacy is the new civil rights issue for this generation. Because when you inject the power of financial literacy in the life and mind space of an individual, everything changes. Nothing about that person will ever be the same again. When you know better, you tend to do better.

Now imagine doing this same thing not just with an individual, but an entire community. Lets start with the four-square block area surrounding say the poor neighborhood that you may have grown up in. With this type of empowering intervention, when you help raise credit scores for individuals and families in a community, in time and over time the community and culture of that community changes too. Over say 3-5 years, the liquor stores become convenient stores and even grocery stores, and the range of predatory financial lenders become credit unions and banks — all through the power of market forces and the market economy. When people know better, they tend to do better.

This is my vision for urban and rural America. To use the new Operation HOPE software of human development to lift credit scores and with it, human potential. To inspire a generation of stakeholders in a community, as no one washes a rental car. The nicest people in the world do not wash rental cars. They simply take them back to their owners. We need to create a generation of individuals in these communities who see themselves as change agents and stakeholders. The bonus of this dream made real is not only the removal of blight and predatory practices, but the creation of voters (stakeholders) and a tax base.

We are beginning in and around the HOPE Financial Dignity Center at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, the moral home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., where Dr. King and Daddy King co-pastored the church during the movement. What few know is that while the son Dr. King was leading a social movement in the streets, Daddy King served on the board of a bank for 40 years and was growing the roots of a financial and economic empowerment movement in the suites. What we need now is not one (social) or the other (financial and economic), but measures of both.

What would happen if you started a movement for 700 Credit Scores in your community?

Okay, lets go.

Note: It is acknowledged that not all firms engaged in the non-traditional financial industry groups noted herein are in fact predatory in nature. A generalization made to underscore an irrefutable point.

John Hope Bryant is an empowerment leader, the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE and Bryant Group Companies, Inc. Magazine/CEO READ bestselling business author of LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), the only African-American bestselling business author in America, and is chairman of the Subcommittee for the Under-Served and Community Empowerment for the US Presidents Advisory Council on Financial Capability, for President Barack Obama. Mr. Bryant is the co-founder of the Gallup-HOPE Index, the only national research poll on youth financial dignity and youth economic energy in the US