Northfield Village officials: State auditors completing reconciliation of finances

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Northfield Village — After years of problems, the village will have accurate financial statements for the past two years by the end of the month, according to village officials.

Thats when the Local Government Services division of the Ohio Auditor of States office is expected to complete reconciling village finances for 2012 and 2013, a project it was hired for up to $15,000 to do in January.

A representative from the auditors office was not available for comment by press time.

According to Mayor Jesse Nehez, the problems are due to his decision to bring sewer billing in-house under the finance department, as well as the implementation of new OTAS software by the finance department after Finance Director Monica James was hired.

OTAS is short for OhioTAS, the acronym for Ohio Township Accounting Software, the same program James had used as Northfield Center Township Fiscal Officer before she was hired in Northfield Village.

Its all computer programming right now, thats what its coming down to, its all computer programming, Nehez told the News Leader March 17. When you get a new system youre always going to have problems, when you bring something in-house, theres always going to be an issue. You have to work those bugs out.

Im not thrilled on how the new accounting system is working, how its been shutting down on us, how the system for the sewer billing was working, he said. Im very anxious to get these kinks out of the system.

When asked to comment on the need to bring in the state, James detailed some of the specific problems she had been having with sewer billing and OTAS.

Theyre [the software] in the process of being updated, she added.

Problems detailed

Nehez decided to have the finance department assume responsibility for sewer billing in February 2012, then in April 2012 replaced former finance director William Day with James.

James had served 12 years as fiscal officer in Northfield Center, but lost the November, 2011 election. Her term in office ended March 31, 2012.

Day reported to Council in March 2012 he had prepared around 6,000 sewer bills to mail to customers, but was removed from office before they could be mailed.

The bills were eventually mailed to customers, but with the wrong return address, James told Council in July 2012. The return address was listed as Village Hall, rather than a special mailbox used to account for those bills, James said, adding she was forwarding the bills received to the drop box herself.

In May 2013, James reported to Council that some of the July payments had been erased by the computer program used to perform the billing. James continued reporting problems with the sewer billing software, and Council voted last August to hire Diane Gacoms firm Rocky Hill to implement a new sewer maintenance fee billing system.

Nehez said Rocky Hill earns about $1,000 per month to manage the villages account.

The other issue Nehez cited, the new OTAS meant to handle village finances, was installed at the end of 2012. James said March 17 one of the problems was the program was its tendency to crash and lose data. The OTAS was not compatible with the villages Mac computer, she said, and it was causing it to frequently shut down and lose information.

James told the News Leader March 13 that due to the software problems, she did not have accurate records for village fund balances, including total receipts and expenditures for 2012-13.

However, James, Nehez and Law Director Brad Bryan all said theyve been informed by Local Government Services that no money appears to be missing and that the statements balance to within $1 for both years.

Two records James gave the News Leader March 13 have different figures for the villages general fund balance at the end of 2013 — roughly $701,000 and $677,000.

Nehez said auditors told him verbally the actual figure is around $400,000.

The reconciliation expected by months end is the second the village has had to undertake recently.

Release of a Setpember 2012, audit of the villages 2010-11 finances was delayed more than one year after the auditors office asked the village to account for around $900 that had not been properly recorded, according to an auditors office spokeperson. The 2010-11 audit was released Jan. 16.

Village officials say they expect auditors to begin working on the villages 2012-13 audit in April.

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PBA’s bid to buy CCTVs for courts has HC admin asking ‘Will you take credit …

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Gate No 3 of the District and Sessions Court at Shivajinagar

The Pune Bar Association (PBA) is struggling to find a way out of the deadlock that it finds itself in over electronic security for court premises in the city, as their bid to overcome the State governments lack of initiative in installing Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) systems with personal funding has hit a Bombay High Court hurdle.

In response to PBAs letter in November last year, requesting permission to install CCTV security systems at the Pune District and Sessions Court with Rs 5 lakh raised through individual contributions from lawyers, the Bombay High Court registrars reply on January 29 has raised three questions.

The first objection by the HC registrar is that the State governments plan worth Rs 2 crore for covering city court premises stuck on the drawing boards since five years awaiting sanctions from the Public Works, Finance, Law and Judiciary departments will become void if PBA installs its own cameras.

Secondly, the HC registrars communication queried if PBA would be taking credit for installing CCTV systems on their own and imprint its name on the cameras. The letter also raised doubts over the future of other proposals if city lawyers were allowed to fund security systems for court premises.

Rajendra Umap, who handed over charge as PBA president to Vikas Dhage-Patil late last week, said the city bar council had responded to the queries raised by the HC registrar. We have replied stating that the proposals are independent of each other. The State proposal is a Rs 2 crore plan and will take time to come through. Considering the security threat, lawyers decided to take matters into their own hands, albeit on a smaller scale. If the court allows, we are ready to install the cameras within a week.

The PBAs initiative involves installing 30 CCTV cameras to record visitors activities at all four entrances, the main court premises and parking lots, while monitoring the feed will be done by court police authorities in a small control room.

The move came after an intelligence alert of security threats to the Pune District and Sessions Court at Shivajinagar, as well as incidents of attacks on lawyers and litigants. Besides CCTV cameras, the State government proposes to include metal detectors, scanners and other electronic security equipment.

PBA had also informed ACP (Court Security) Deepak B Humbre of the Vishrambaug division, to allow installation of the cameras as the same was supposed to have been completed by December-end.

??? We have replied stating the proposals are independent of each other. The State proposal will take time to come through

-Rajendra Umap, Ex-President, Pune Bar Association

Courting Threats

Nov 2013:

History-sheeter Hemant alias Butkya Ramalu Naik (29) allegedly attempted to stab himself near the Shivajinagar court. He was brought for a remand hearing when the incident took place on the first floor of the new court building

Jan 2012:

The district judge received a letter from the police commissioner warning that one or more persons, posing as lawyers, are likely to attack individuals in an apparent gang-war

May 2010:

A 24-year-old youth, who had come for court proceedings, was murdered inside the court premises by rival gang members

3 Top Consolidation Loan Companies In Raleigh, North Carolina Announced By …

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3 Top Consolidation Loan Companies In Raleigh, North Carolina Announced By
Best Debt Consolidation Loans offer residents of North Carolina with a list of the top 3 consolidation loan companies that they can hire for debt help.

Best Debt Consolidation Loan Programs For Alaska Residents Announced By …

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Best Debt Consolidation Loan Programs For Alaska Residents Announced By

Debt Consolidation: Beware of Student Loan Scams

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[ Life]

It seems that just about everyone has student loan debt at one time in their lives, and as far as debt is concerned, that seems to be the kind that holds on the longest.

If youre having trouble paying down your student loans, debt consolidation is sometimes the way to go. Wrapping several loans into one can make the payment easier to handle, and sometimes you can get a better interest rate.

However, experts say that these days the student loan debt consolidation market is ripe for fraud. It is recommended that if you have federal loans, you should always consider consolidating through the federal governments own programs first, according to MainStreet.

Scammers are definitely taking advantage young adults needs for student loan repayment options, says Reyna Gobel, student loan expert for and author of CliffsNotes Graduation Debt . If you have Federal student loans, you automatically qualify for free debt consolidation programs offered by the US Department of Education (ED), the agency that oversees federal student loan programs, which offers the best repayment plans and terms on Federal student loans.

If you have private loans, it is a good idea to try to work with your lender directly before contacting a student loan consolidation company. By simply calling and asking what your options are to lower your payment, you could avoid dealing with a scammer who may have some pretty harsh tricks up their sleeves.

Just how common is student loan scamming and why should you be so careful? Surprisingly, it is quite common and widespread. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the creation of a new student protection unit to investigate the student loan debt relief industry just last month. Already, the unit has issued 13 subpoenas to student loan debt relief companies for false advertising, unreasonable fees, and enrolling people in programs for a fee which are supposed to be free.

If you decide to try an outside company, there are a few things to watch for. First, be sure you are the one that contacted them.

Chances are, if you didnt contact them, they are looking to sign you on to collect fees you would not have to pay by going through the Federal Student Loan Consolidation program or even through your own private lender for personal loans, and thats a scam, says Gobel.

Second, a reputable company wont pressure you to complete the deal. Beware the expiring interest rate, urgent deadlines, and the like.

Third, be leery of discounts. Scam companies sometimes promise discounts, only to put conditions on them in the fine print. You may fall into a trap wherein that discounted rate only applies to part of the loan, or goes away after a time. Sometimes the rate is low until you miss a payment, then it skyrockets for the rest of the life of the loan.

And of course, never, ever, ever give personal info over the phone or email. Ever.

Again, if you have federal loans always check first with the federal governments options. They will most likely have the best terms, best rates, and you dont have to worry about getting scammed.

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Inside the Finances of a Hit Pop Song: Gold Records and Bowie Bonds

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Inside the Finances of a Hit Pop Song: Gold Records and Bowie Bonds

Brian Lund
Mar 19th 2014 10:46AM

3 Top Credit Consolidation Loan Companies In Idaho, Announced By Best Debt …

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Best Debt Consolidation Loans have provided the residents of Idaho with a list of the best debt relief companies that can aid them in pursuing debt relief. They published separate reviews of the three top credit consolidation loan companies in their website:

The reviewers of the site made their choice by looking at three specific categories. The first involves the debt solutions that will be offered to their clients. The second is the reasonable fees that will be charged. The last is all about the customer satisfaction rating of the company.

Of all the companies that provide their debt relief service in the state of Idaho, the top three spots went to National Debt Relief, CuraDebt and American Debt Enders.

National Debt Relief leads the list when they got a 5 star rating from the reviewers of Best Debt Consolidation Loans. The company consistently got an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and that indicates a high regard for customer satisfaction. National Debt Relief also offer custom tailored debt solutions for consumers who have debts that amount to $7,500 or more. The debt experts of the company take into consideration the personal financial history and debt situation of the consumer. They also look into the creditors involved. Their expertise is enough for consumers to feel peace of mind when it comes to their debt situation.

CuraDebt comes in second with 4 stars. The reviewers of the Best Debt Consolidation Loans site are impressed by their long tenure in the industry. Their experience and expertise allowed them to build a respectable working relationship with different credit card companies. This means any credit card debt negotiation can be done competently and with the right amount of expertise. The company accept debts that amount to $10,000 or more. They do not only work on credit card debts, they can also assist consumers with tax debt, student loans and other defaulted loans.

The third company, with a 4-star rating is American Debt Enders. The company is fairly new in the industry, having started the business in 2007. But despite that, the company is known for their honest and compassionate demeanor that reflect well with their high customer satisfaction rating. With debt of $5,000 or more, consumers from Idaho can avail of their services. They do not only help with debt, they can also extend the service by providing credit repair after the debt solution.

Best Debt Consolidation Loans is confident that these companies can live up to the rating that they provided. The debt relief website tried to be as unbiased as possible when it came to rating these three companies. But despite that, they still encourage consumers to conduct their own background check to see if they are choosing the right company for their specific financial need.

To read the full review, visit the website of Best Debt Consolidation Loans.

Read the full story at

Bethlehem Mayor appoints task force for city’s finances

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The Mayor of Bethlehem says hes creating a task force to keep an eye on the citys finances.

Mayor Bob Donchez announced the creation of the Financial Advisory Committee Wednesday.

The Mayor says the volunteer task force has one mission.

Their goal is simple: to offer ideas, suggestions and recommendations to me on how to make the city more efficient, he said.

The committee is made up of five local business leaders including former Bethlehem Mayor Ken Smith and the Vice President of Bethlehem-based candy company Just Born.

Debt Consolidation USA Reveals 8 Habits That Can Threaten Financial Security

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Debt Consolidation USA, one of the leading sources of debt and personal finance information, published an article titled “8 Habits That Will Threaten Your Future’s Financial Security.” This article was published on February 26, 2014.

According to the article, consumers are preoccupied with improving their financial situation. That is the reality in a consumerist society. But while financial improvement is important, the article encouraged consumers to aim for financial security.

There are many habits that will make or break the financial security of consumers. The article focused on 8 specific habits that can threaten the future security of a consumer’s personal finances.

1. Relying on a future paycheck. This is what people do when they purchase items through credit. This is dangerous because if that paycheck does not arrive, the consumer will have problems paying off the debt.

2. Owning too many credit cards. Basically, the article mentioned that too many card accounts can lead to too much debt.

3. Disregarding overdraft fees. All checks must be funded otherwise, it can lead to a waste of money when the consumer is forced to pay overdraft fees.

4. Not organizing bills. The article warned consumers to keep their financial documents in order to avoid making any mistake.

5. Using home equity as a debt payment. Unless the consumer has no other choice, this should be avoided. They can lose the only asset that they have.

6. Getting money from a retirement fund. While technically this is the consumer’s money, the article discouraged them from using it because the consumer will end up paying double taxes on a portion of this fund.

7. Failing to talk about money. This is only applicable to couples (partners or spouses). Failure to communicate financial problems can lead to tension and even divorce.

8. Not contributing to savings. This is especially true for emergency funds. The consumer must prioritize this expense.

Debt Consolidation USA highly encourage consumers to avoid these habits and to develop the opposite. To read the full explanation for each habit, click on this link:

Debt Consolidation USA is a debt relief website that consumers can go to for debt relief information. They also offer debt relief services. Call 1(877)610-6990 to talk to one of their friendly debt experts to get more information about various debt solutions.

3 Top Consolidation Loan Companies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Announced by …

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Best Debt Consolidation Loans provide residents of Louisiana with a list of the top consolidation loan companies in the state.

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) March 19, 2014

Consumers who are burdened with debt in Baton Rouge and the rest of Louisiana are encouraged to visit to find the top three companies that provide professional debt help in the state. The reviewers of the site looked at several companies to see who will rank the highest in terms of customer satisfaction, variety of debt solutions and reasonable service fees.

After deliberating carefully, the reviewers of Best Debt Consolidation Loans released their ratings for National Debt Relief, CuraDebt and American Debt Enders.

The top ranking company on the list is National Debt Relief that got an impressive 5 star rating. This company consistently got an A rating with the Better Business Bureau that proves their reputation of being the best debt relief company in the country. It also indicates a high customer satisfaction rating. Residents of Louisiana can avail of their service with $7,500 worth of debts or more. National Debt Relief is known for providing their clients with peace of mind as they work on helping them achieve debt freedom. Their custom debt solutions are based on the specific debt and financial situation of the consumer. This will ensure that their debt payment plan will be something that the consumer can afford.

The second company on the list of CuraDebt with 4 stars. Having been in the industry for a long time, they have established a good working relationship with a lot of credit card companies. This makes them a reliable representative for consumers of Louisiana who are troubled with credit card debt. Their knowledge and experience with these companies will help them strategize to achieve the best result. The company accept debts that are worth $10,000 or more. Not only can they help with credit card payments, they can also help with tax debts, defaulted loans and student loans.

The last company on the list is American Debt Enders with 4 stars. The debt relief company is well known for training their debt experts to be compassionate and honest when working with clients. This makes them a great company to trust with consumer debt. Consumers are reported to express their happiness with the results provided by this company. Clients with debts of $5,000 or more can easily avail of their debt relief services. The company offer more than just debt solutions – they can also work on credit repair.

Best Debt Consolidation Loans encourage residents of Louisiana to check out these three companies when searching for professional debt help. While the reviewers took extra care to make the reviews as unbiased and truthful as possible, consumers are still urged to conduct their own research.

To read the full article about the reviews of the company, visit the website of Best Debt Consolidation Loans.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: