New broom?

by Shelton on August 13th, 2014

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No sooner had the mayor from Elias Motsoaledi Local Council, been recalled from office and the new incumbent lsquo;forces down his logistics and administration onto council, in most cases contradictory to standing orders and or regulations that prevails.

The supply chain management is being reshuffled, the structure and logistics of the bid committee, the tender committee and all of its mandated specifications amended and or altered.

It seems that council is not only aware of the threat that the EFF holds in the area, but that it is taking all of the precautions that it can think about to prevent a situation where it would be losing control.

In its reshuffling and or amendment of procedures, conflict of interest appears to be irrelevant, yet such involvement by councilors in the business of the council in which they serve is totally unacceptable and contradictory to regulations.

Political agendas and even personal funding of causes, is relevant and being the order of the day. The race of becoming the Chief Whip in the Council playing a prominent and definite role in all of the decisions and actions taken of late, and in most instances rules in that regard ignored.

During February 2014 in a meeting with CoGSTA is being ruled that no decision would be made within the ambit of council, without having consulted and or interacted with the Executive of the Council, yet as it stands now such ruling and decision taken are being ignored and or acted in without due diligence and or good governance and accountability that should be the fore.

All of these actions is a clear picture of how relevant the lack of support for the ruling party is as it stands at the moment, and it therefore being so desperate to cling to its power of the past 20 years that it in the process is even prepared to waive on good governance, accountability and the mandate to deliver on service, all at the cost of personal enrichment.

A desperate and sad state of affairs to say the least!

PayPal Working Capital – PayPal to Offer Merchant Cash Advances to UK …

by Shelton on August 13th, 2014

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Friday 25 July, 2014
Small businesses are the lifeblood of the British economy. But seven years after the start of the credit crunch, many of them tell us theyre still struggling to get funding. According to the British government, around a third of SMEs rely on retained earnings or the owners own finances rather than bank or equity funding. This means that many find it very difficult to finance their present needs or future growth. And the problem is acute for smaller, online businesses. PayPal can help. This autumn, we will be launching PayPal Working Capital to help British businesses fund their future growth. For the first time in Britain, PayPal business customers (including eBay sellers) will have access to a merchant cash advance against their future sales, meeting a real business need for small businesses. They may want the money to buy stock for Christmas trading, to pay to translate their website to grow overseas sales or perhaps to get marketing support. PayPal Working Capital offers major advantages compared with traditional ways of funding a business: Funding in minutes – PayPals strong relationship with its business customers means we can approve an advance based on their PayPal sales history. This means the customer completes a quick online application – theres no need to spend hours gathering information about their business. And PayPal can make a decision and provide the funds in minutes. Pay when you get paid – Unlike traditional bank loans, PayPal Working Capital allows a business to repay the advance with a share of their PayPal sales. If they have a day without any PayPal sales thats fine – they dont repay anything that day. No credit check – PayPal Working Capital is a merchant cash advance against future sales – its not a loan – so no credit checks are needed and the advance does not impact on the customers business or personal credit record. There is a single, fixed fee that is displayed to the customer before they sign up. There are no interest charges or late payment fees. PayPal Working Capital has already been a big hit with business owners in the United States, and were delighted that our UK customers will be next to benefit from faster, fairer funding. PayPal will start by offering merchant cash advances to selected PayPal UK customers this autumn, with plans to offer the product to a wider range of merchants in 2015. Sounds interesting? You can find our more and register your interest at -ENDS-