Provinces finances remain on track despite flooding costs

by Shelton on August 17th, 2014

filed under Finances

The province of Saskatchewan announced on Thursday that their provincial budget surplus is still intact, despite $150 million allowance for flood related costs.

File / Global News

How to Be Current and Cognizant When Managing Cash Flow

by Shelton on August 17th, 2014

filed under Business Loans

In 10 Ways to Keep Cash Flow Alive, serial entrepreneur Kelsey Ramsden writes that cash flow management may be one of the toughest balancing acts of owning a company. There are rules small business owners should always follow: know how much cash is in your account, and give accounts receivables a two-week buffer.

But she says entrepreneurs should take other critical steps and avoid common misconceptions: I knew how to read financial statements and my MBA brain had become too caught up in what they said to be paying attention to the cash.

In this Google Hangout, Ramsden shares lessons she learned (the hard way) in keeping cash flow alive.

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