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by Shelton on August 25th, 2014

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Are you ready? (Yeah!) Are you ready? (Yeah!) Whose house? (Our house!) Whose house? (Our house!)

When you hear that chant on the soccer field, you are about to meet the team from the Singing River Soccer Club coached by Roland Reynolds of Pascagoula.

Reynolds, who works in Business Management at Northrop Grumman, managing and maintaining program finances for a defense contracting company, has been associated with the SRSC as a player and coach for almost 25 years.

I see SRSC as a platform for young players to learn to enjoy the game. And then as a stepping stone to take the next step into their soccer career if they choose to pursue it diligently, Reynolds said.

For 17 years, Reynolds has coached teams from U-5 to U-19, both girls and boys, at levels D1-D3. Hes coached girls and boys high school teams, and takes pride in that many of the players hes coached have gone on to play in college.

His favorite part of coaching is inspiring passion in young athletes.

Its an amazing feeling watching someone else fall in love with the sport that has given you so much in life.

But along with the elation of winning, comes the heartbreak of a loss, a player not making a team or feeling like theyve disappointed the coach or their parents.

Watching that heartbreak happen, seeing tears in a players eyes, while it swells me with pride to see how much they care and feel about the sport, it never gets any easier.

Reynolds describes his coaching technique as firm, consistent and fun.

I am very passionate and share in the emotions of my players. I like for them to know I care just as much as they do.

Reynolds coaches because someone who was instrumental in his life and his development as a young man coached him.

He taught me far more than soccer on and off the field.

Reynolds plans to coach as long as he has something positive to give and is able to inspire a new generation.

Coaching his daughter, Bella, is the single hardest thing hes ever done. Its also the most rewarding, as she has a passion for soccer that cant be taught.

Watching her express her creativity and cunning on the field is a joy that cant be explained, only felt.

Reynolds is somewhat superstitious. He never ends practice or warm-ups with a miss, and never cleans his boots unless having suffered a loss.

He would like to be remembered as a man who taught more than a game, and gave more than just soccer instruction to his players.

He tells his players what he believes: If you do not love what you are doing then why do it? Find something you love and work hard at it because the sacrifices that have to be made to achieve that goal will not seem like sacrifices at all.

When not working or coaching, Reynolds enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his wife and daughter.

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