The UBER Rape Case – Making Sense of Absurdity

by Shelton on December 18th, 2014

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Isnt it ironic that a country whose one generation itself is known for its Technical prowess (Software/IT) can not develop a centralized and an online computer system for its own government?

Our youths are building some of the top of the line software/systems for rest of the world but we have none for our own government? Shows it is government which is failing and not the people.

Rajnath Singh banning the Uber service is such an immature, band-aid, public appeasing decision. Having followed Mr. Singh before elections I really doubt he is ready for this new world/age. Anyhow best decision would have been to strengthen the system, build a strong foul proof system for verifications and empower that UID project.

In US everyone has Social Security Number. Each and everything is tracked via this 9 digit number. Credit card companies (most of those companies have their IT centers in India and systems built by Indians) report each and every activity based on that number. House loan, police verification, license everything is tracked via that number. Wrong doing: record gets reported to and gets connected to that number. Next time, try for a car loan, the dealership gets full history and gives or denies the loan based on how the history has been and so on.

There are just so many ways to fix the system it is just that government needs to wake up.

One Modi can not fix the issues. He has same immature and inexperienced group of ministers who are not ready for a change.

Sir. I wish your ideas can be heard by PMO, I for sure I am going to submit this article to:

Since you mentions Bratton, I read his biography and was amazed that his skills are utilized by US homeland security department, private companies and many other law enforcement agencies. And in India those decisions are just made based on political backings.

Isnt it time that skilled folks like you are pulled back into system just because of your skills and not whom you support?

But then we have a long way to go. Proactive approach does not work (though that should not be the case for Mr. Modi, he has absolute majority and should go for reforms full speed).

Ah, we are hoping too much from a single person.