Industry Expertise Trumps State-of-the Art Technology When Payments …

by Shelton on December 19th, 2014

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As technology continues to drive change in the payments industry, small businesses need assistance navigating the landscape, DeMeo said. CAN Capital can help them thrive during changing times offering fast, efficient access to funding that allows small businesses to drive growth by investing in things like upgraded POS and mobile payments systems, improved e-commerce experiences, and expanded online marketing efforts that increase traffic to their sites.   

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Note to Editors
CAN Capital conducted a survey of payments and financial innovation professionals at this years Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The survey, conducted on November 2-5, 2014, was developed to gauge the sentiment of payments and financial industry professionals with regard to the needs and challenges of small businesses when it comes to processing payments and working with different providers.  Respondents included professionals from various areas of the payments and finance industries. Percentages are based on 101 responses.

About CAN Capital
CAN Capital, Inc., established in 1998, is the pioneer and market share leader in alternative small business finance, having provided access to over $4.5 billion in capital for tens of thousands of small businesses in a wide range of locations and different business types.

As a technology-powered financial services provider, CAN Capital uses innovative and proprietary risk models combined with daily performance data to evaluate business performance and facilitate access to capital for entrepreneurs in a fast and efficient way. Its business evaluation model allows it to help small businesses qualify for more money than they could obtain elsewhere.  

CAN Capital makes capital available to businesses through its subsidiaries: Merchant Cash Advances by CAN Capital Merchant Services, Inc., and business loans through CAN Capital Asset Servicing, Inc. (CCAS). All business loans obtained through CCAS are made by WebBank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank, member FDIC.

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​Becky Morris: Why education is more than a piece of paper

by Shelton on December 19th, 2014

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Arts Award Gold, Higher Sports Leadership and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) are vocational choices that carry university points, and so can boost qualifications by adding to the tally. They require huge amounts of application and work, and personal funding, and are not easy to obtain.

Students have been fairly vocal on social media sites, decrying the value of these options, stating that in many cases the time and energy spent on these projects would have been better used by volunteering or actually working in the students chosen field; and there is an opinion that schools and colleges are merely offering them to boost the numbers who go on to university.

I believe very strongly in the value of these supplementary projects.

I recently produced and directed the annual pantomime at the Holgate Academy. One of our sixth form students, Harli-Rae Watts, is studying for her EPQ, and asked if she could support the school show by choreographing all of the dances. This process has proven invaluable for a number of reasons.

At the age of 17, Harli now has extensive experience in leading groups of students in classroom situations; she has used her own skill to teach and lead others; she has used creativity and design within the context of a wider show; and she has monitored and evaluated the impact of her work, in the form of written essays.

But more than that, she has won the respect of an entire student and staff body, become an integral part of a team, and produced work of such high quality that audience feedback suggested we had used professionals.

Even without the actual qualification she will achieve, Harli has had an experience that cant be bought.

I have no doubt that Harli will go on to achieve an offer of a university place with or without the EPQ, but she has demonstrated to me that the value of a qualification is not always proven by a tick on a piece of paper. Education is so much more.