Leo Ledohowski of Canad Inns fires back against sexual harassment claim

by Shelton on December 22nd, 2014

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The couple is seeking unspecified damages, including punitive and aggravated damages.

They also allege that Ledohowski and Canad engaged in a course of reprisal after the woman rejected his advances and fired them.

Ledohowskis lawsuit describes how Canad hired Ventresca in March of 2010 with an annual salary of $150,000 and living accommodations until Aug. 31 that year at one of Canads facilities. Ventresca was also given an expense account of $6,000 a year for business purposes.

The agreement also said Ventresca could be fired at any time. If the company let him go without just cause, it would provide notice in writing or payment in lieu, according to the provinces employment standards code.

Ledohowskis lawsuit denies Ventresca was hired for a five-year term.

The lawsuit alleges Ventresca failed to perform the requirements of his job and was paid according to the contract, $11,538.02, which Ventresca accepted.The lawsuit argues that his acceptance of the money precludes any further payment.

Ledohowski also alleges Ventresca improperly used his expense account and privileges as COO by racking up costs of $99,594 between 2010 and 2012 for hotel bills for himself and his and his wifes family members at a number of the companys hotels, including the Garden City Canad Inn, Polo Park and Grand Forks, ND, as well as at the Radisson Hotel.

Food and beverage charges were also charged to the expense account, Ledohowski alleges.

Ledohowski also claims Ventresca acted towards other Canad employees with a lack of civility and respect.

He said Ventresca had been warned a number of times his behaviour was inappropriate.

Couple missed deadline to pay back house loan

Ledohowskis lawsuit says after Ventresca started his job as COO, he asked the company to help him buy a house in Winnipeg, and the company lent him $423,963.94 that was to be repaid within a month, by the end of January 2011.

But it claims the couple failed to meet the deadline.The lawsuit claims costs of $132,929.84.

Ledohowskis lawsuit says OReilly was hired as corporate trainer for $52,000 a year and gave her a vehicle allowance of $300 a month.

But it alleges she did not develop the training program she was hired to do, didnt come to work despite demands to do so, used some of Ventrescas expense account funds improperly and made aggressive and untoward comments to colleagues.

It says when she was fired, OReilly accepted a payment of $2,069.91, which waives the companys obligation to pay her any further.

The lawsuit also says proof that the company treated Ventresca and OReilly with respect is contained in an email OReilly sent on Aug. 20, 2012, in which she thanks Ledohowski for being so kind and respectable to her and her husband.

The email also said, You are a great man. I value you and everything you have done for us very much.

The lawsuit also says the couples claim of sexual harassment is refuted by this email and thatthe allegations are outrageous and without any foundation whatsoever, and that the companys human resource department investigatedthe allegations and found them to be untrue.

The lawsuit is suing the couple for approximately $233,000 in total.

The couples lawyer declined comment.

None of the claims has been proven in court.

Usher And Hon. Boots Square Off On Sidewalk

by Shelton on December 22nd, 2014

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Gilroy Usher Senior has been making a name for himself in the media recently. We wouldnt say hes a nationally known figure but with the egg
throwing stunt he pulled in early October, he certainly earned some recognition after all nobody had thrown egg at the Guatemalan Embassy before.

And today, he turned his focus from national issues to the division where he is running. Thats Port Loyola where he is challenging incumbent Anthony
Boots Martinez for a second time.

Todays protest was designed to challenge Martinez as the Minister of Poverty Alleviation but it ended up in a sidewalk face that will make you need
laughter alleviation. And while it ended in comic relief it started on a confrontational note:hellip;.

This morning at 9:30. a few dozen supporters gathered under the bus shed on Central American Boulevard.

They had music, placards and attitude.

But what we didnt see were any elected PUP representatives.

And we can see why it was kind of amateur hour with Usher publicly rehearsing the responsorial:

Gilroy Usher – Std. Bearer Port Loyola

When I say no house loan no, you say no christman money. Then we will say, tired of paying and you say, house rent.

They picked up the lines quickly enough and so did Ushers supporting cast:

Yasmin Shoman – Std. Bearer – Collett

Theyre talking about Petrocaribe money, well roll the houses Mr. Prime Minister, roll the houses.

Lennox Tambran Young – City Council Canddiate

People cant eat streets, people need better housing. People need to feed their children, people need to send them to school.

Gilroy Usher, Std. Bearer Port Loyola

Despite a billion dollar budget in addition to millions of dollars in separate loans, there is absolutely no proper low income housing. I want to
assure you that this demonstration today is just the start of the resistance in Port Loyola to get the government to address our needs with jobs, land,
better education and proper streets and drains among other things. Let the word go forth, let the word go forth.

And the crowd went forth though a recently paved Jane Usher Boulevard. Only two southside PUP politicians joined usher but the crowd was almost one

They marched through the area eventually going off the beaten path into some areas with housing problems.

We werent there but area representative Boots Martinez lined up to watch them at one point and he told us he counted 7 actual Port Loyola voters in the

That became the subject of an ugly but entertaining street side dispute where both politicians went after each other for 15 solid minutes much to the
amusement of a crowd that gathered around.

And it got personal too: Martinez lectured Usher about the 25% interest rate at his pawnshop while Usher challenged him about his many private

At one point they even started arguing about who had the better failed newspaper! Akebulan or Liberty.

Folks, it was a heavyweight fight alright, but there were only low blows in this one!

And the winner? Well that will be decided a few years from now.

The drumming went on for minutes after that and in the end no blows were thrown but after all the finger pointing, heres a tally of the damage done:
Boots Martinez one torn short pocket after Ushers pointing finger got stuck in there; Gilroy Usher one twisted glasses frame after Martinez knocked
his off doing the same thing, pointing.

But the good news is both men left the argument still laughing at each other.