Letter: State’s finances

by Shelton on February 28th, 2015

filed under Finances

The state of Illinois#x2019; finances are a disgrace.

For years, we kept sending the same incompetents to Springfield and let them run the state into the ground.

Then we seemed to realize the critical position of our finances and elected someone who stated, quite boldly, he was going to get our finances under control.

Now, when he tries to do what he promised and why we elected him, we have people crying about cuts.

Let#x2019;s be frank: If you want the state#x2019;s financial situation fixed, where do you suggest the cuts be made?

Everyone seems to think someone else should pay the fiddler. Folks, like the old saying goes, it#x2019;s time to fish or cut bait.

Bill McElman

Lake in the Hills