Stocks Taking Sector High- Black Knight Financial Services Inc. (NYSE:BKFS …

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Stocks Taking Sector High- Black Knight Financial Services Inc. (NYSE:BKFS), Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST), Geeknet, Inc. (NASDAQ:GKNT)

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Apple Pay to Accept Discover Credit Cards this Fall

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Apple Pay is expanding its options once again, with plans to accept Discover cards this fall. Apple Pay will now be working with the countrys top four credit card networks, since Visa, MasterCard and American Express are already being used through the mobile payment platform.

The move means Discover cardholders will be able to use Apple Pay to make contactless payments in any store with NFC payment terminals.

As the mobile payments landscape matures, Discover remains committed to giving cardmembers secure options for using their cards and mobile devices, Diane Offereins, President of Payment Services at Discover, said in a statement. Discovers focus on simplicity and value for our cardmembers aligns well with the way Apple Pay makes purchases easy and convenient.

This is not the only change coming to Apple Pay in the fall. The mobile payment platform will soon be available on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini. At this time, it is only available on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, which recently shipped out to 22% of pre-orders. iPad users will be able to access Apple Pay this fall as a way to pay for in-app purchases.

Discover cardholders will still receive all of the rewards on their Discover it, Discover it Miles, or Discover it Student credit cards. Apple Pay simply gives them a more convenient way to pay for items without having to physically carry their cards. As more Apple Watches get shipped over the next few months, Apple Pay may soon have a new splurge of customers excited to load their Discover cards onto their accounts.

3 Habits of People With High Credit Scores

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Without even knowing it you might be doing things that are damaging your credit score, which affects not only your ability to borrow but also the interest rate you pay when you do borrow. So how do you identify and put an end to your bad credit habits? Simple: Start doing the same things as people who have excellent credit scores.

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Here are three credit-boosting behaviors that will help bump up your score:

Payment history is the top factor in most credit-scoring models. Payments that are 30 days or more late can quickly drag down your credit score – and it only takes one missed payment. Take this into consideration: 96% of people with the highest credit scores pay bills for loans and credit cards on time. Even if you can only afford to pay the minimum, always pay on time because that will have a bigger impact on your score than the amount you pay. Set up automatic bill payments so you never miss a payment deadline.

Best Debt Consolidation Firm Awards Announced by 10 Best Debt

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10 Best Debt is an awards organization that recognizes the best in the debt consolidation industry. Recently, the organization announced the three Best Debt Consolidation Firm contenders: Discover, HSBC and National Debt Relief.

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

10 Best Debt is an awards organization that assigns rankings to the best companies that work in various areas of dealing with debt. They have just published their latest list of 10 top companies in the area of debt consolidation. The following is a description of the top three companies on that list.

The first company on the list of Best Debt Consolidation Agencies is National Debt Relief, located in the city of New York, New York. This business gives consumers the chance to consolidate all of their different debts and make their financial situations as simple and straightforward as possible. In addition, they will happily give their customers the financial counseling that they need in order to gain control of their financial situations, get out of debt, and stay out of debt. They truly care about all of their clients and are concerned about helping them improve their financial situations. This company is known for their amazing track record with their clients, and they plan to maintain that record in the future.

The second place contender for the title of Best Debt Relief Firm is Discover, located in Riverwoods, Illinois. This company will give clients everything that they need for both the present and the future in terms of debt. They will help them make the best of their current financial situation, as well as giving them the information that they need in order to improve their situation as they continue forward. This company has been the recipient of multiple awards, and they feature a team of talented and knowledgeable professionals who will be able to give any client the help that they need to manage debt.

Number 3 on the roster is HSBC, based in the city of New York, New York. In the manner of a true top debt consolidation firm, HSBC is known for acting in the best interests of their clients. No matter how much debt any given customer has, this company will provide them with the best possible resources in order to be of assistance. Whether a client wants a hands-on approach or a more subtle option, HSBC will help in any way that they are able, and they will let them know exactly what they can do to improve their situations as much as possible.

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International Scam: Phone Call From ‘Long-Lost Relative’ Ends in Lost Cash and …

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Its a dream come true: a phone call from a long-lost relative who is finally able to leave Cuba and is en route to America. But the call ends in thievery and disappointment for some families.

Thats because after hearing the good news, the caller explains theres just one catch. They need money to complete the trip. 89-year-old, Hialeah grandmother Hilda Jimenez got that call last month.

Getting Divorced? Do Not Ignore Your Credit Score (and How to Rebuild it if …

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Credit scores are one of the most criticalfinances pieces of recovering financially from a divorce. Credit scores are also one of the most overlooked pieces of post-divorce, as I’ve found by communicating with thousands of followers of my blog, I reached out to Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for,and author of the free ebookDebt Collection Answers: How to Use Debt Collection Laws to Protect Your Rightsfor tips on navigating this important reality of life.

How big of a problem are credit scores for people facing divorce?

Your credit scores can take a big hit when you divorce, usually for one of three reasons: One, your income may drop and/or your expenses may increase since you are no longer splitting them with a spouse. This may mean it’s harder to keep up with bills. The second is that most couples have at least one joint account when they split. If the debt isn’t paid off right away it will usually end up being the responsibility of one spouse, and if he or she doesn’t pay it both credit reports (and by extension credit scores) will suffer. The third problem is identity theft. It’s surprisingly common for an ex to “borrow” the other person’s information in order to get new credit, utility services, etc.

Why is divorce so often cited as a reason for bankruptcy?

Again, after divorce, many peoplefind their finances stretched. Some have to pay alimony, others find they’re paying for new expenses such as child care, and most will find their expenses increased because they’re no longer splitting bills with their now-ex.

Some peopleare pushed into bankruptcy by their former spouse. Let’s say they owned a house together but they either don’t want to sell it (because they want the children to keep living there) or they can’t sell it because it’s upside down. One of them agrees to pay the mortgage; it might be the spouse who livesthere, or it might be the exwho is supporting him or her. But the mortgage doesn’t get paid. Maybe that spouse eventually files for bankruptcy, and the other one ends up having to file in order to keep the house and catch up on payments, or to discharge their responsibility for the remaining loan.

Why is so important to make your credit score priority if you’re going to divorce?
Divorce is usually very stressful, and even if you are glad to be splitting up, there are a lot of details they have to be taken care of. This means that it’s easy for bills to slip through the cracks. One late payment can cause an otherwise excellent credit score to drop by 50, 75 points or more. So it is important to try to make sure that bills are paid on time.

In addition, after divorce you will often need good credit to rent or buy a new place to live or get utility services without a deposit. You may decide to hunt for a better paying job or start a small business, both of which may involve credit checks. And let’s face it: if your credit does take a nosedive, it’s not going to be fun having the reminder of that time in your life coming back to haunt you haunt you several years later when you’re filling out applications for credit.

What should everyone – regardless of credit history – do when it comes to their credit when facing divorce?

Get your credit reports soyou know exactly what bills appear there and so that you understand your responsibility for them. If you are an authorize user, you’re typically are responsible for the balance but you may want to get removed from the account if you are worried about whether your ex will pay it on time. For any joint accounts, they should be closed from future purchases and balances should be paid off as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you are legally responsible to repay the joint debt until it’s paid off. Your divorce decree doesn’t change that.

If your ex is abusive or vindictive you may want to place a fraud alert on your credit report, or even freeze your credit so that no one can access your credit report information without a PIN you provide.

If you are facing divorce and have lousy credit what can you do to rebuild it?

The good news is that when it comes to your credit, you can always get a fresh start. While you may not be able to change the past, going forward if you are meticulous about paying your bills on time you can see significant improvement in your credit scores. Recent information tends to have the greatest impact, so make sure that you have open active accounts that are paid on time. If you don’t already have one, get a credit card in your own name, even if it’s a secured card.

Of course, you can’t picture credit if you don’t know where you stand so get your credit scores to monitor your progress. (You can get a free credit score and analysis of your credit, along with an action plan at

In the short-term, if you have no or poor credit, what are the best ways to get a loan or cash to finance aneeded car, a family lawyer or even daily expenses, which is common for people in the middle of a split?

What types of financing you’ll get will depend in large part on how good or bad your current scores are. If you don’t have a lot of credit, it may be easier to get a loan then if you have a lot of debt or very poor payment history. Some consumers find they are able to get a personal loan; others may turn to credit cards, even if they have a fairly high interest rate. Watch your mail; if you get an offer for a low rate balance transfer, you may want to take advantage of it. Another option that doesn’t require a credit check is a loan against a retirement account such as a 401(k). It is not ideal by any means, but it’s usually better than cashing in a retirement account early and paying taxes and penalties. Finally, you may be able to get a loan from family members or friends. These loans don’t appear in your credit reports, so that may be an advantage. But it’s best to put details in writing so everyone’s clear on how and when this loan will be repaid.

What if you start hearing from debt collectors about debts your ex didn’t pay?

Beth’s Story: Should I Consider Bankruptcy?

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For more than a decade I have used a fairly specific approach to help people find their way when struggling to keep up with their bills. I generally focus on six mainstream options to deal with debt, including filing for bankruptcy, debt consolidation loans and negotiations with creditors and debt collectors. Once I gather some basic facts about an individual’s income, expenses and debts, and rule out conventional wisdom approaches, I can usually narrow down the workable solutions to one or two realistic options.

Fox News Gives Clinton Cash $107 Million Of Free Publicity

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Over just five days last week, Fox News devoted more than10hours of total coverage to promoting Peter Schweizers new anti-Clinton book,Clinton Cash.The coverage is worthmore than $107 millionin publicity value, according to aMedia Mattersstudyof the networks coverage between April 20 and April 24.

Schweizer, a conservative activist with a long history of shoddy reporting and research, is set to release Clinton Cash on May 5. The book is being published by HarperCollins, which is owned by Rupert Murdochs News Corp. Fox News is part of 21st Century Fox, which is also owned by Murdoch. Politicoreported last week that Fox News, along with theNew York TimesandThe Washington Post,had struck exclusive agreements with a conservative author for early access to his opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

Fox News has devoted copious time and energy to promoting the book, which itclaimscouldlead people to worry that another Clinton administration could mean influence-peddling on a scale never before imagined.

AmericasNewsroomspent the most time discussing the book with1hour and 41 minutes of total coverage, which amounted to nearly $15 million in free airtimeforClinton Cash.The Kelly Filewas second in time — just more than 1 hour of total coverage — but first in value, topping the list with more than $15.5 million in freeairtime.

The time total includesThe Tangled Clinton Web,the specialprogramFox News devoted to claims from the book,whichamounted to more than 40 minutes of coverage with a value of $7.4 million.

TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite, a subscription-only database of television broadcasts, estimates the value of 30-second slots on any given program, called the national publicity value.Media Mattersused this value to calculate the total amount of dollar value for each time the network discussed theClinton Cashbook in teases for upcoming segments on the book, in passing mentions of the book within segments on other topics, and in segments where the book was the stated topic of discussion or where there was signification discussion — determined as two speakers discussing the book or its allegations to one another, eg, the host asking a guest a question — of the book.Media Mattersmonitored live video feeds and reviewed an internal video archive for any mentions of the book.

According to ThinkProgress,Schweizer makes clear thathe does not intend to present a smoking gun, and ABC News has furtherreportedthat it has already uncovered errors within the book.Numerous mediaoutletshave reportedthat Schweizer has presentedlittle evidence to support the speculativeclaims inClinton Cash.On the April 26 edition ofThis Week,ABCs George Stephanopoulosconfronted the author about allegations in the book,statingthat weve done investigative work here at ABCNews [and] found no proof of any kind of direct action. NBC NewscriticizedaNew York Timespiecebasedin part onClinton Cash, stating that itdoesnt hold up that well.

Charts by Oliver Willis.

Cash, Planes, and More: A Look at JetBlue Airways

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Digging into a companys assets is always important before making an investment decision and JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU) is no exception. Here, Ill look at some of the key assets of JetBlue including cash and aircraft as well as the less talked about routes and slots.

As of Dec. 31, JetBlue had $708 million in cash and short-term investments. That may seem like a lot for a $5 billion company, but retaining a significant amount of cash on hand is a common practice in the aviation industry. At the moment, the major carriers all have multiple billions in cash that theyre retaining to fund working operations, provide a safety net in the event of an industry downturn, and improve the balance sheet in order to get better financing rates for purchases and leased aircraft. Many airlines are ordering new aircraft, but these planes are purchased largely with a mixture of debt financing and cash generated from operations instead of straight cash purchases. Even with its current cash and short-term investments, JetBlue only owns 137 planes in its 203 aircraft fleet since it would rather retain the cash than buy a more of its fleet.

Since 2012, JetBlues cash and short-term investments have remained fairly stable within the $600 million to $800 million range, which puts the companys liquidity slightly below but well within the range of its competitors on a current and quick ratio basis– both measures of liquid assets compared to working capital.

10 Dow Stocks With Huge Cash Flow

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Source: NYSE, Facebook

When it comes to household names and safe-haven investments, perhaps no group of stocks is counted on more than the 30 that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI) . Made up of 30 multinational giants from multiple industries, the Dow Jones is full of companies paying healthy dividends. But its whats behind these dividends that makes them so attractive: enormous cash flow. 

Cash flow is what allows the Dows 30 components to allocate capital to its shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks, as well as fuel other critical facets of business activity, such as research and development, which allow these global giants to stay ahead of their peers. 

Cash flow may not be everything — as its still possible for a company to be cash flow positive but lose money — but its often a good indicator as to the health of a company. With that in mind, lets take a closer look at which 10 Dow stocks have the most robust cash flow and dig a bit deeper behind the numbers for a few of these companies.