​The financial missteps that could doom your love life

by Shelton on February 29th, 2016

filed under Credit Scores

A secure financial footing has benefits far beyond staying out debt: it can also strengthen your love life.

Researchers are increasingly finding a link between a persons financial health and their relationships, with stronger finances linked to a better romantic outcome. Americans with higher credit scores are 14 percent more likely to find a partner within the next year than those with scores about 100 points lower, the Federal Reserve found last year.

Starting with the first date, people are seeking financial clues about each other, such as their professions or whether they graduated from college, which can be an indicator of income. As relationships progress, that can develop into increasingly frank discussions about debt, student loans and financial goals. Rather than indicating a shallow focus on money, these discussions can uncover important indicators about a persons values and goals.

Its not the credit scores in themselves that matter, but its a signal of how they view money, and how they view money as a tool to do other things, said Sean McQuay, credit cards expert at financial site NerdWallet. Its important as you date them that you are trying to learn about them, and exploring what their financial situation looks like, not to judge but to see if you are compatible.

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