Drowning in Debt to Swimming in Cash, Miners Told to Pay Up

by Shelton on February 4th, 2017

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By 2016, diversified miners generated a total of $12.9 billion of spare cash, from just $153 million two years before, UBS Group AG said.

CEO pays cash for $4.5M Park Slope townhouse

by Shelton on January 26th, 2017

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Retail honcho Charles McGuigan, CEO of L Brands, whose subsidiaries include Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works, has just bought a stunning Park Slope townhouse two blocks from Barclays Center for its full $4.49 million asking price in an all-cash …

China to halve cash withdrawals in Macau gambling enclave: report

by Shelton on December 9th, 2016

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UnionPay International said in a statement to AFP that its overseas cash withdrawal policies remain the same – 10,000 yuan per day with an annual cap of 100,000 yuan ($14,500) – but added it complies with regulations and laws issued by relevant …

Cash crunch or love lost for Test cricket?

by Shelton on November 26th, 2016

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If you have a limited amount of cash and you are hungry, what will you do? Will you spend the money for getting food or will you buy a ticket to see Test cricket?

The problem with cash: A Q&A with economist Kenneth Rogoff

by Shelton on November 11th, 2016

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Cash is king, right? There is, after all, some $4,200 in cash circulating for every person in the US, and that's outside financial establishments.

Treasurers Trim Cash Hoards But Not in the Way Draghi Wants

by Shelton on October 31st, 2016

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Companies in Europe are starting to cut the record amounts of cash they accumulated since the financial crisis but they're not spending it the way central bankers hoped they would.

Cash in a Box Catches On as Swiss Negative Rates Bite

by Shelton on September 9th, 2016

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Because of the low interest rate level, we note increasing demand for insurance solutions for the storage of cash, said Philipp Surholt at Zurich Insurance Group AG, among underwriters reporting a surge in such requests.

People Trust Their Cash More Than Uncle Sam

by Shelton on September 6th, 2016

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When I got to the end of The Sinister Side of Cash (Review, Aug. 27), I felt like I was in a Scooby-Doo episode, with the demasked villain proclaiming, I would have been able to get monetary policy to work if it weren't for those pesky kids and

Senior Justice Official Raised Objections to Iran Cash Payment

by Shelton on August 14th, 2016

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The head of the national security division at the Justice Department was among the agency's senior officials who objected to paying Iran hundreds of millions of dollars in cash at the same time that Tehran was releasing American prisoners, according to …

Home Greek news economy Cash Transactions Falling While Greeks Use Credit Cards Causing Retail Food Prices…

by Shelton on July 28th, 2016

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People have been using cash across the country to cut better deals at markets as well as your average clothing store and even buying food in cash to keep prices lower at local supermarkets. Now, as the financial crisis continues on in Greece with no