Letter carrier busted for allegedly stealing cash, gift cards from mail

by Shelton on August 31st, 2014

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Investigators say an Indiana letter carrier, trusted with delivering the mail, was instead stealing money from peoples birthday cards.

The US Postal Service says it used special agents in a sting operation to catch the woman in the act in Mitchell in Lawrence County.

Mike Conley could hardly believe it happened, let alone three times.

You just dont expect that from somebody you trust, Conley said. You just feel like, Hey, Ive been cheated. Ive been robbed.

He discovered gifts and cash missing from his own mailbox in November, February and again in May.

First, one of our sons birthday cards showed up and it was ripped open and the card was gone, Conley explained. Then we had another one show up the same way. And then, I sent a card with a gift card inside to family up north. When it got there, it was open crumpled up, ripped up and things were gone from inside of it. It makes you angry. You know, I lost $100 worth of gift cards.

Conley wrote an email, complaining to the postal service about the missing money, and soon discovered he wasnt alone. According to court documents, for months, the post office had received complaints of cards ripped open and the cash and gifts inside – gone.

The target was always greeting cards and the complains all came from the same rural mail route in Mitchell.

Its amazing what some people do for $15 or $20 or a gift card, said Mitchell resident Eddie Arnold. You know that some grandma probably sent money to their grandkid.

The postmaster had a sneaking suspicion who was behind the crime. So agents set up a sting, placing bait greeting cards and cash along that same rural route.

Sure enough, the cards and money came up missing.

That led investigators to their suspect: the woman delivering the mail, Beth Dumond, a 20-year letter carrier.

I was surprised. I was real surprised. You dont expect that out of your postal worker, Conley said. I didnt expect it to be her.

Inside Dumonds vehicle, court documents say agents discovered opened greeting cards, invisible tape, letter openers and a knife, along with more than $100 in cash and gift cards.

Dumond was arrested, jailed and charged.

Her customers say it was much more than theft. They feel this was a case of stolen trust.

Its my mail lady. Shes not gonna rip me off! Its a trust thing, for sure. You just trust your postal worker, Conley said.

Dumond has bonded out of the Lawrence County Jail. She faces charges of theft, official misconduct and resisting arrest. Special agents say shed likely been stealing from her customers greeting cards since October.

Read the probable cause affidavit

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