Local business pays for family’s groceries

by Shelton on January 31st, 2016

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He and his daughter, 15-year-old Serena, had a two-page list of groceries to get, and expected an otherwise normal trip to Norwalks Walmart.

CashMax Ohio Auto Loans and Cash Advances representatives had a different plan in mind. They wanted to make it an exceptional trip for the family.

We just want to give back to the community, said Norwalk CashMax manager Becke Hoyt. We work with short-term loans like when someone just doesnt have enough money to get through the week until the next paycheck, so we definitely see the need. We wanted to help and give back.

All 41 CashMax stores in Ohio have participated in the Pay-it-Forward week by going to a local store and paying for a random persons groceries, up to $200. Wednesdays recipients of the businesss generosity were the Campbells.

Larry Campbell said it made him feel good to know people still cared and were looking out for each other.

It was a real surprise, he said with a laugh.

(My wife) isnt going to believe it. When we get home and she sees everything we got, shes going to ask what we thought we were doing. Were going to try to explain and shes not going to believe us. hellip; Shes going to need to see the sales slip.

Campbell said his wife has been battling MS for 14 years and it sometimes makes her weak and faint, so he and their daughter do the shopping for her. Although she has her days, its up and down.

This will make her day, he said.

The total bill for the cart full of groceries came to $270.71, which CashMax paid $201.60 of, leaving the Campbells with a total of just $69.11

I saw them with their list and I knew they were the ones we needed to help, Hoyt said. I can remember when I was younger, we had a list and we had to stick to the list and we couldnt get anything that wasnt on the list because of money. Im glad we (were) able to help them get a few things that arent on their list.

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