More on Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez

by Shelton on May 30th, 2013

filed under Personal Funding

The pseudo-popularity of this international corporate media darling, who is a nonentity within Cuba itself, is entirely because Sánchez has been chosen by the imperialist foreign governments and media to receive massive funding and publicity. That personal funding amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars so far in prizes and salary for her professional anti-socialism and the huge and relentlessly sycophantic promotional campaign in corporate media would have cost millions to buy.

The only political significance of her ideas is that they represent the wishes for Cubas future of her foreign owners, ie the imperialist governments and corporations of the United States and its European vassals like Spain. Her dependence on the empire is total and her supposed support for Cuban sovereignty utterly spurious, exactly resembling the propaganda of her chief booster on this site, Moses, the resident US imperialist troll.

To treat the Generation Y phenomenon as based on Sánchez herself is to treat a puppet show as being about the puppet. She was deliberately manufactured as a celebrity by the US regimes diplomacy and its corporate media machine to give a spurious Cuban coloration to a particular strand of the empires anti-socialist propaganda. She is just a weapon in the permanent information war against Cuba, selected because her right wing politics made her fit for purpose.

If she didnt exist the empire would have found it necessary to create her.

A more realistic question is why the empire has recently been choosing to promote her rather more than its traditional Cuban political clients, the Miami mafia controlled mercenary dissidents. These reasons for her imperial preference over the traditional dissident hirelings are well documented via Wikileaks and are based on the trendier, less openly anti-patriotic and less nakedly fascistic face she puts on her employers demand for a Cuban return to capitalism and US imperial control.

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