Nebraska Students Prepare For Financial Futures

by Shelton on May 30th, 2014

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LINCOLN, Neb. — For Nebraska high school students, a secure financial future could be just a click away. Thanks to the Nebraska NEST Financial Scholars Program, high-schoolers are heading off to college, ready to take on their financial futures.

Students at Lincoln Christian join students from more than 70 Nebraska schools in learning personal finance, a skill that Treasurer Don Stenberg said is critical.

The online program teaches students financial information, like what the Fed is. And it does so in a way that connects with them.

Wed talk about them or send a Snapchat. Some of the characters in them were kind of funny, said senior Nolan Peschel.

I kind of explained everything in a fun way, said senior Hannah Christianson. With college loans, with savings plans, a lot of the interest rates with credit cards, just a lot of different aspects as far as financial preparation, she added.

It helps students understand their financial futures.

It just kind of opened my eyes to some of the stuff thats out there and available, whether its like student credit cards or student accounts, said Peschel.

Nolan and Hannah are not alone. More than 700 students around Nebraska now have their certifications.

Stenberg said students might not use everything they learn in school, but there are some things that you unavoidably will, and financial literacy or financial information is one of them.

Students said they have already started using that information.

Now that I have a debit card, being cautious with a credit card and using it wisely, making sure Im saving and balancing my checkbook, said Christianson.

Im a little more confident going off to college and not wondering how does all this stuff work, said Peschel.

Stenberg also noted that the students can add this certification to their resumes as they move on to college and beyond.

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