Smallest Startups Rely On Personal Funding Sources

by Shelton on August 29th, 2014

filed under Personal Funding

Rather than using traditional loans to fund their businesses, the majority of small business owners dig into their own bank accounts to keep their companies afloat.

More than 60 percent of microbusiness owners rely on non-retirement, personal savings as the lead source of funding for their businesses, according to the Sams Club/Gallup Microbusiness Tracker. Additionally, US microbusinesses defined as those with five or fewer employees started in the past year are 30 percent more likely than mature companies to use the owners personal savings to maintain the business.

Other popular sources of funding for microbusinesses include credit cards and money from family and friends. The research revealed, however, that less than 3 percent of US microbusiness owners rely on government loans, small business loans or crowdfunding to support their businesses.

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